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Typical affiliate networks are simply liaisons. Not us.

Affiliate networks mediate the relationship between the:

  • Affiliates/publishers (parties who place links on their website to promote another product, service or company in return for commissions on clicks, sales or leads); and the
  • Merchant/advertiser (parties who offer the commissions on the affiliate-generated activity that promotes their business.).

So, the data that each affiliate network offers its affiliates depends upon the merchants it attracts.

How we’re different: Immediate, accurate data. Our smart system sources real-time product data to ensure you get the most up-to-date data (availability, price, discount, normalized metadata)

Here are more ways we stand out:

  • Comprehensive market intelligence: Unlike other networks, we offer product data from far more countries, including the US, UK, India, UAE, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa and select eastern European countries, plus we are adding more retailers every day
  • Standardized data for consistency: We normalize and contextualize data on over 1 billion products offers 24/7 from over 1,000 retailers, making over 5 billion data point improvements each day, so you can:
    • Search with ease: Our product smart engine has normalized unique identifiers across retailers and brands. We've normalized products across advertisers into a clean hierarchical taxonomy with over 1600 categories. (Kuldeep example – color, brands)
    • Compare products: We help you to make better purchase decisions with online comparison shopping on over 100 million products
    • Find great products: We enable similar product discovery on over 1 billion products
  • Boost online conversions: Our consumer-centric search API uses algorithms to improve visitor conversion with the most relevant search results, taking hundreds of variables into consideration
  • See what's hot: Our product ranking allows users to filter the search results for the most popular trending products
  • Find what you need: Our detailed search results allow you to find products using such data as: name, description, images, price, condition*, estimated tax*, shipping*, and more


  • Trusted data insights: Our API is used by some of the leading publishers and offers a rich and full-featured product shopping, discovery and comparison shopping
  • Customizable data: To give you the data analytics and insights you need, you can request more than 200 fields individual fields. Sample item response
  • Simple integration: We provide various response formats (XML, JSON, CSV), depending on the specific API call being made.

We offer 3 ways to publish information:

Affiliate publisher
(Self-manage affiliate partnerships)

Keep 100% of your commissions using your own affiliate IDs Custom affiliate tracking: You can dynamically create and track sub-ids as allowed by each network

Live product feed:

  • More than 1 billion products
  • 1000+ sites
  • 1600+ categories
  • Real-time refresh
Affiliate partnership
(No affiliate relationships required)

Intelligence Node provides affiliate partnerships

Live product feed:

  • More than 1 billion products
  • 1000+ sites
  • 1600+ categories
  • Real-time refresh
Affiliate data feed

Live product feed:

  • More than 1 billion products
  • 1000+ sites
  • 1600+ categories
  • Real-time refresh

Access rich data via analytical tools and exports for analytics

  • Excel
  • Tableau
  • Qlik
  • Microsoft Power BI
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$100 per month