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Santa will arrive soon, bringing with him Christmas cheer and happiness. The best parts of any celebration, especially at this time of the year, are gifts. Gifts, while spreading love and joy, also happen to be our very own brand of special!

This season, we, from IntelligenceNODE, bring you some popular gift categories and how they are influencing life in general. We found that the fashion and fashion accessories category was the most popular as far as gifting on the subcontinent is concerned, with a 19.2% rise in sales from the previous year.

We use the unique features of our portal to gather intel about ‘now trending.’

It seems jumpsuits are on a steady line. But dresses seem to be fluctuating, depending mainly on discounts and sales.


Also, dress and suit fabrics, a must have during the wedding season, especially in South Asia, are on an upwards spiral.


As you can see, there is a definite shift in the trending categories, since the 2nd December. We believe that there is a definite surge in the apparel category; and the numbers match this as well.

It is raining deals and offers; with many more options than ever before as far as gifting is concerned. This just proves that as our networks continue to grow, so also will our options. And we at IntelligenceNODE believe that all seem to be of one mind in this endeavor.