All that glitter is gold at the Lakme India Fashion Week

Gold Jewelry wore by royal families

The way to a man’s heart is through is stomach, they say. And the way to a woman’s heart? Why diamonds of course!

Bling has always been a part of popular culture. From princess to pauper; and princes too; have always loved jewels. These portraits of the Indian kings and queen, princes and princesses, of as recently as the 1800s, show just how important a status symbol, these stones have become!

Ever since man discovered mining and metallurgy, making ornamentation to adorn the person has been a pursuit in perfection. And many crafters of fine jewellery today are held in high regard. Names like Cartier, Tiffany’s, Van Cleef & Arpels, Christies, etc, are famous, simply for their association with luxury jewels.

This year, designers and marketers at the Lakme India Fashion Week paid tribute to the tradition of embellishing a look with signature pieces. Quite a few cool jewels we saw this year. Check out the new way to make sure you scorch the world like the sun this summer, dear retailer!




Suneet Varma’s collection, called “Decorative Arts of India,” took us on a journey through different periods in Indian history. We loved the use of mirror work. And the twist on tradition he showed. A truly royal affair it was!




Look at that statement necklace. We can imagine someone like Maharani Gayatri Devi teaming that up with her signature chiffon sarees in pale pastels. What really caught our eyes,was the impeccable jewellery by Reliance Jewels. We can imagine the modern Indian bride wearing something like this.






With the classic kundan and uncut stones set in matte gold; emeralds set in sparkling diamonds and platinum. The jewels are as old as the traditions they come from- like Gujarat, Rajasthan, etc- and yet, they are decidedly modern. Nargis Fakhri was dazzling in this ensemble. And yes, we heart the necklace.



Let’s face it, when it comes to Indian fashion, Bridal jewellery takes center stage. In India, jewellery includes wearing a thin gold chain or ring for day wear. That’s it. But weddings and festivals are the time to pull out all the plugs. There is some serious bling in Indian Weddings. But now that the wedding season is almost over, it is time to reinvent the staple.

Princess Leia walking the ramp! Drum Roll please!



And we find ourselves following and admiring the works of VALLIYAN by Nitya, a collection titled ‘Iridescent Space.’ Valliyan designs have been seen on many celebs- Karisma Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, etc. These designs have been inspired by the fantastic. This particular collection was very Star Wars ‘esque.’ We have seen some of the VALLIYAN designs already available on inspired by Ancient Egypt.




The fraternity cannot stop waxing eloquent about the grand finale of the fashion week- a show by Anamika Khanna and her gorgeous showstopper Kareena Kapoor Khan. And while we loved the monochromes, the fusion of traditional and western wear, etc; we really adored the jewels.




Designed by Suhani Pitie, the jewellery gave us a feel of travelling back in time- to the times of Cleopatra and Nefertiti. When the kings and queens of ancient Egypt wore jewellery as a symbol of power and gold was a way to please the Gods.








Fashion jewellery is in. The ladies and gents are very interested in looking good. We are already seeing etailers stocking ‘em up. When it comes to the business of bling, we think establishing trends are in your hands, dear retailer.

We know that buying jewellery of any kind invites a lot of flak from consumers. Many are afraid to buy precious stones online. And real gold, silver, diamond jewellery- is not something that people are even willing to buy online.

For most retailers of serious jewellery, their eTail platforms are like catalogs. And they wish to provide an experience that will compel the consumer to buy. But there is a range of jewellery out there- from faux stones to metals- that are precious enough to guarantee ‘aha’ moments. And yet be delightfully easy on the purse strings of the consumer.

And fashion weeks are a great opportunity to ‘trendify’ jewellery. Like Amazon is doing.




Or Myntra’s latest display of fashion necklaces.




These pieces are inexpensive, great to wear and easy on the eyes. Fast fashion houses are already selling jewellery made of glass, wood, bronze, etc to satisfy the modern consumer.

Jewellery may appear to be a gray area for most etailers. Especially because there are much more expensive or extremely cheaper options available in the market. But this illusion can be broken with a few well placed tips.

It is time for eTailers to ensure that their jewels reach the bold and the beautiful, the sweet and the stylish, the sexy and the stunning, at once. Now is an opportunity, to capitalize on the ideas that ruled the ramp; and make sure they rule the roads too!