Conference Diaries: Internet World & Big Data Show

Talk about the latest trends in the world of business, technology or strategy, you would find them all here.

Internet World is an event that enables you to define and deliver all aspects of your digital strategy; from online technology, business fulfilment and infrastructure to connectivity and information security.

Yasen Dimitrov, our COO and Co-Founder attended the conference today. It was a gathering of minds and a great opportunity to share ideas.

The Big Data Show covered 3 distinct areas – strategy, analytics and technology – this part of the event aimed at enabling your big data to reach its maximum potential and gain a competitive advantage whilst streamlining your internal processes.

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Conference Diaries: Global E-commerce Summit, Barcelona

We at IntelligenceNODE are constantly forging new paths with our work. It is our constant endeavour to interact with like minded people. And so we present the conference diaries- a chronicle of our participation at various conferences all over the world.

The Global E-commerce Summit is a leading international event focussing on the most important trends and developments in global e-commerce, cross border trade and omnichannel retail. IntelligenceNODE was represented at the Global E-commerce Summit 2014, Barcelona by our COO and Co-Founder, Yasen Dimitrov.

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