Your Next Fashion Inspiration Can Come From An AI

Geeky has never been so glamorous.

To help shoppers find fashions that fit their bodies, budgets and styles, more retailers are turning to artificial intelligence (AI). As one of today’s hottest technology trends, AI translates vast volumes of retail big data into rich, actionable insights, so executives can make smart decisions faster.

AI has evolved into a strategic asset in retail, as the sector faces overwhelming upheaval. Amid the blistering pace of innovation, and empowered consumers who expect omnichannel excellence, affordable fashions and personalized marketing, AI guides retailers by delivering fact-based intelligence to delight shoppers.

AI and retail: A perfect fit

Today’s retailers and brands are drowning in data and struggling to make sense of the abundance of information on their own. AI solves this problem by offering “a cheaper, faster way of doing many tasks that companies currently employ humans to do,” like simplifying complex data analytics.

Companies also embrace AI to improve agility, top-line performance and customer service – all while lowering costs. For instance, retailers gain greater accuracy in predicting a consumer’s style at the exact moment an individual is shopping, leading to more sales, fewer returns and improved stocking ability.
These business benefits explain why 45% of retailers expect to use AI within 3 years.

Elevating CX to the next level

AI can also help consumers, who simply want “to buy stuff as quickly and easily as possible.”
Fashion retailers and brands can make the customer experience pleasant by applying AI to gain data insights down to the individual shopper level, which makes the experience more consumer-centric, relevant and personalized than ever before.

Whether a shopper’s look is casual chic, vintage inspired or haute couture, AI allows lets them perform easy product searches, so consumers discover fashions they will actually buy, saving them time and effort.

For instance, AI can help individual shoppers find the perfect pair of jeans by tracking their sales history, online browsing and Instagram likes for a seamless shopping experience.

7 ways AI is revolutionizing retail

Here are 7 ways AI innovations make life easier for fashion companies and fashionistas alike.

  1. The fastest way to find your look:AI-driven visual search helps shoppers to promptly find their desired fashions. Pinterest recently launched a visual search tool called Lens, which uses machine vision to detect items on the web or in the Pinterest library and suggest related items – like a Shazam for products. Neiman Marcus launched the AI-driven Snap. Find. Shop. mobile app; customers use their smartphone cameras to take pictures of an item they like and the app displays similar items from the store’s inventory. Retail brands using visual search for a superior online shopping experience include Asos, John Lewis,, Nordstrom, Hook (an aggregator of all brands) and Urban Outfitters.
  2. Hyper-personal product recommendations:For individualized service, IBM Watson partnered with The North Face to ask shoppers questions about their gender, time of year and technical product details, to tailor product recommendations. Blending AI and a human touch, style service Thread asks customers to complete a questionnaire and upload images of themselves. A stylist reviews the information to understand each client’s needs and uses the company’s AI algorithm to sort through thousands of products for personalized style suggestions.
  3. Unprecedented omnichannel service:Farfetch, the world’s top luxury online marketplace, uses AI to improve supply chain visibility. AI helps Farfetch’s partners, including 1,500 boutiques and over 200 brands, link their online inventory with inventory in their physical stores, and deliver services like click-and-collect and in-store returns. Also, AI-driven bots help retail companies engage consumers across channels, like Facebook, Slack or a retailer website. Burberry launched a Facebook Messenger bot during London Fashion Week to offer exclusive glimpses of the new collection before the runway debut, plus live customer service so users could buy the clothes immediately.
  4. A savvy social sales assistant:Pinterest also launched Shop the Look, a machine learning tool that identifies pinned items shoppers can buy, including fashions from major retailers. The insightful data analytics from Shop the Look can also tell retailers whether a sponsored post on the social media platform results in a sale.
  5. Shop like a stylist:get hook fashion banner
    To give tech-savvy, fashion-conscious millennials and Gen Zs a mobile personal stylist, the Hook team at Intelligence Node created the first AI-generated fashion feed for consumers. Hook learns, in real time, what a shopper likes just by analyzing which product images the individual has liked or added their online wishlisted, so shoppers find items they love, fast. The app sends shoppers real-time price drop alerts on their wishlisted or liked products. Hook helps consumers shop like a sophisticated stylist by gaining unprecedented search capability to find a specific item they want with a single view of the item across brands so they can compare prices and get the best deal.
  6. The ultimate trendspotter:To give retail companies certainty on up-to-the-minute fashion trends, AI can crawl e-commerce sites to pinpoint exactly which products are most visible. AI can also crawl social media sites to identify trends, helping brands be first to market with popular styles.Intelligence Node built the world’s most comprehensive retail crawling framework – like a ‘Google’ for fashion. The system crawls more than 1000 (?) websites and maps one billion products from 130,000 brands in 1400 categories in real time, using AI and machine learning for image recognition to rapidly process and make sense of the abundant retail market data.
  7. The best way to ensure the price is right:Big data tools like Incompetitor ™  help retailers maintain a competitive pricing strategy, combining AI and machine learning. Retailers integrate this API into a brand’s data, so there’s a rules-based engine that keeps prices optimized, depending on real-time external factors like inventory, competitors’ out-of-stock situations and discounts. This integration allows retailers to optimize their price and, for instance, ensure they always sell a specific SKU 10% cheaper than Amazon.


(let’s think how to replace Incompetitor ™ with Hook analytics giving retailers real-time intelligence on the consumer’s voice and preferences).


AI-driven tools like Hook analytics helps retailers gain a deep understanding of each shopper as a unique individual. They help retail companies understand a shopper’s size, and preferred styles, colors and price points. AI takes this combination of data and translates it into real-time intelligence that reflect product recommendations at prices that make the shopper more likely to add them to their cart. This deep consumer knowledge matched with relevant products and pricing help the shopper feel understood – and more willing to buy.

To avoid getting left behind during this period of digital transformation, fashion companies should be injecting artificial intelligence into their business strategy. AI simplifies retail big data, which helps companies improve their processes and bottom line – while keeping shoppers happy, loyal and chic.

We’ll be up looking at the data while you’re chasing bigger targets. Optimize your fashion business and always stay ready for the New Age Shoppers. Request a Demo !

What You Can Learn From Zara’s Product Controversy

Global fashion retailer Zara recently caused a public uproar following accusations that the brand copied the work of independent artists. Last week, Los Angeles-based artist Tuesday Bassen announced on her instagram account that she had filed an official complaint against Zara for copyright infringement. She joins at least a dozen artists who allege Zara stole their designs, adding their work to products without the permission or compensation of the artists.

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Breaking Down ABOF’s Bold Entry In India’s Fashion Ecommerce Scene With Data Science

Indian conglomerate Aditya Birla Group launched ABOF on 16th of October’15 and entered a space that is dominated by category specialists Jabong and Myntra. When you consider the fact that Aditya Birla is the largest fashion player in India through Madura Fashion and Pantaloons, which were acquired by it in 1999 and 2012 respectively, its foray in fashion e-commerce seems natural. Plus, it’s hard not to be tempted by the traction ecommerce has been getting with a string of multi-million dollar mergers & acquisitions and VC funding activities over the past few years. According to various estimates for the year 2020 from sources like Goldman Sachs & PwC, the Indian ecommerce market is slated to be worth $60 to $100 billion.

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Retail trends and prospects in the world of luxury items

Luxury is relative, they say. By all definitions, luxury is also exclusive. In times when the West discovered new routes to the East, it was in search of this same luxury. The pepper trade, the silk trade, diamonds- they came with a huge price tag. And the ones who were capable of paying for it, flaunted it with pride.

There has always been a basic concept about luxury- from the traders’ point of view. Exchanging a high quality or rare piece of merchandise for the highest price. And for centuries, the high end retail market, that accounted for 390 USD in 2012 (BCG), has been following this system.
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Of Art, Music, Awards & Style – Fashion industry evolving !

In order to be irreplaceable,

One must always be Different!

-Coco Chanel



We agree! Fashion may be evolutionary, but style, well, it never goes out of style! And NOW, today, this is becoming apparent. The precepts of fashion are evolving; no longer is it confined to the ‘hallowed’ runways. Now, fashion is created everywhere- and consumed with the same enthusiasm as on the ramp.

The fashion pundits don’t sit in workrooms sketching and stitching for hours. They travel, they celebrate, they party and they create. Be it the famous Coachella Music and Arts Festival or the MTV Movie Awards; style is a staple!

No longer do people wear what the jet set is wearing. Because they are ‘global’ citizens. The internet gives them access to ideas from all over the world. And they know that they can pick anything from anywhere and call it ‘their style.’

So anyway, whenever we hear music festivals, we think floral prints, or loose clothes, flower headbands, or punk afros; well you get the picture. And they are fun, colorful, energetic places to be in. Art and music always attracts an eclectic crowd- which is ready to try ‘hippie’ or ‘never before went together’ stuff.

And Coachella does not disappoint. The thing we love about Coachella and other such events is their live feed we get online. Especially their Snapchat feed- where Snapchat debuted new dynamic filters, just for the event! Adds a whole new dimension to “advertising” when all those people willingly share info about your coolness, non? In fact it changed our perception in some ways.

Anyway, what is style, but another art form, right?! And the street style at Coachella is worth tweeting about, instagraming, etc. So here’s what we liked, till now;

Floral headbands, give way to ‘Floral Hats!’




We saw a lot of lace and a lot of fringe too. And we saw interesting hair- with music and arts- it was a given. But we liked the ‘just woken up to party’ look a LOT, anyway.





Oh! and capes are in…





And of course, since it is all about it’s about fashion and at Indio, California; we saw Kendall Jenner channeling her fashionable, inner hippie with the rest. We heart the accessories and the boots in her outfit though!





And speaking of fashion, the MTV Movie Awards on 12th April managed to wow us some more. So MTV is not really a typical and conventional organization. And the awards were as whacky as could be. Award categories included – Best Kiss (Ansel Elgort+Shailene Woodley-The Fault in our Stars), Best WTF Moment (Rose Byrne- Neighbours), Best Shirtless Performance (Zac Efron- Neighbors), etc! A collection of sarcastic, witty, humorous episodes dotted the award night. And the ‘Blue’ Carpet saw some seriously different fashion.

Bold, beautiful, bling, bl-eh…! The Blue Carpet saw it all. Like Bae Ling with her ‘unique’ dragon garment.




And Kelly Osbourne with her studded clutch and the purple Mohawk.




We heart the striped pumps that Bea Miller wore.



And this plaid raincoat dress worn by Charli XCX is, well, so MTV!



We think JLo looked stunning in this Versace number, with all those gold accents!


There are multiple perspectives on style being presented, when we see the style at Coachella and the Blue Carpet. But all of these have ONE common factor. They grab attention. Or interest. And you, dear retailer, have the ginormous task of translating this into trendy, hip, wearable apparel that people all over the world will want to grab.

We see the opportunity that these events present. Yes, we see the HUGE retail opportunity. Which means that we also know how you can unearth the best cues that will tell you the next play your consumer will use. Retail Analysis seems like a difficult task that you need huge resources ans especially, huge purses to operate.

But that is just a modern myth. Because you already have a great product, or at least an idea to get one out. Or ways to incorporate global trends. Get your consumers to like the international apparel. And yes, increase your revenue at the same time.

Every great product may not give you the returns you were hoping for, though. Unless the right strategy and right marketing is applied to ‘flaunt’ it. We say flaunt, because you need to tell people what an amazing product you have created. And about the work that went into it. The story and the authenticity that went into creating the perfect ‘dress’- people want to know it.

And retail analysis allows you to know exactly what area you need to focus on to provide the correct push- sales, margins, inventory, pricing, etc. Data can be deduced by anyone. But the right kind of data requires awareness, be it political, economical or even emotional. Because the right awareness- the right sense or direction will guide you, even with that data you possess.

In this ‘attention-challenged’ world, we need not only innovation, but the right kind of insights to add a little motivation. To nudge audiences so that they can see, feel, and comprehend that little extra. At IntelligenceNODE, we understand this intuitively. The right mix is never ‘generalized’. It is tailored for each one- according to his/her perspective. And all the more powerful because of that. We would like to sign off with a remark we know you resemble…


With my fellow Avengers, I advise you to dream big, work hard, keep your noses clean, be of service, and because you can, define your generation!

-Robert Downey Jr. On winning ‘Generation Award,’ @ the MTV Movie Awards 2015.





All that glitter is gold at the Lakme India Fashion Week

The way to a man’s heart is through is stomach, they say. And the way to a woman’s heart? Why diamonds of course!

Bling has always been a part of popular culture. From princess to pauper; and princes too; have always loved jewels. These portraits of the Indian kings and queen, princes and princesses, of as recently as the 1800s, show just how important a status symbol, these stones have become!

Ever since man discovered mining and metallurgy, making ornamentation to adorn the person has been a pursuit in perfection. And many crafters of fine jewellery today are held in high regard. Names like Cartier, Tiffany’s, Van Cleef & Arpels, Christies, etc, are famous, simply for their association with luxury jewels.

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From Material to Mindsets – Ethnic Fashion @Lakme India Fashion Week

It’s that time of the year again. When the glitz and glam is all dolled up- and veterans and new comers alike celebrate fashion in all its glory! The Lakme India Fashion Week is back. And we are very excited! Because Fashion weeks mean endless ideas, reinvention, innovation, and lots of celeb spotting. Translation- trend spotting! This is the time when many trends are made and broken.

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Flawless Eyewear Trends for this summer!


This iconic image from Breakfast at Tiffany’s has taken over the active imagination of people all over the world. It has, literally changed and broken many stereotypes about fashion.

Since we are a part of the fashion industry, at Intelligence Node, this image has three takeaways for us:

One, the lady herself!


Elegance is the Only Beauty that Never Fades.

-Audrey Hepburn


Two- BLACK is always IN.

And Three- Sunglasses go with ANY look!

It is the last one we want to talk about today. Sunglasses.

Today accessorizing is all about choosing the correct thing to go with your dress or look. And ‘sunglasses’ are the ultimate accessory. Not just because they look cool. No. But because they are so expensive- they are sure to grab eyeballs, even the ones hiding behind them!

There’s a lot of sizzle in the sun-glass business, reports predict. Luxottica, the leading manufacturer and, in most cases, owner of fashion eye-wear (they also make and own prescription opticals) earned a revenue of 2.02 Billion Euros in the 2nd quarter of 2013 alone.






The profits and revenues are growing exponentially. And so is demand. It was not so long ago that glasses were considered ugly or geeky. And people did not wear them unless they had to. But this perception was subtly changed, by movie stars like Audrey Hepburn and Tom Cruise, among others.

The big fashion houses loved the trend too. And we had Versace, Prada, Ralph Lauren, etc., selling branded sunglasses. Today these sunglasses are mostly in the ‘premium’ range. Any branded and authentic pair of sunglasses costs anywhere upwards of 1000 Rupees.

In spite of the many debates going on about how and why quality eye-wear is so expensive, people are not deterred. They are happy to pay 6000 Rupees. for a ‘branded’ pair of sunglasses. There is a parallel market selling cheaper versions of the sunglasses, on the streets especially. And these make a good profit too. But that does not stop the originals from reaching high profit margins in any way.

This year, the various fashion weeks too used eye-wear to give their various collections a special zing. Fashion makers know that sunglasses are like the one accessory that determines a time or a place that a look was conceived in.

At Intelligence Node, we think that glares were, are and always will be cool.

As Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham wowed the crowds with this, ‘not too normal for her,’ ensemble, while marketing her own line of branded sunglasses.






But, and this is our main concern, when it comes to e-commerce, and selling or buying sunglasses on-line, there is one big question that comes to mind- what shape or style will suit my face? As a retailer selling sunglasses, reaching perfection when it comes to individual sales is a big challenge.

When it comes to eTail, especially for websites selling a variety of apparel and accessories, betting on ‘the sunnies’ is a risky proposition. These are products that have a higher margin; and so may remain on the shelves longer. And trends don’t really affect the sunglasses. Sun-glass styles keep rotating from time to time.

Knowing all this, how to ensure that your customers buy sunglasses- repeatedly? How to ensure that your prices are not turning away customers? How to decide which brands to capitalize on? These are the questions that most etailers have to bet on.

We say, why bet- when you can be sure? You have a lot of info at your disposal; why not use it to understand the current climate and accordingly adjust your prices, processes, etc. Providing a virtual environment that complements the various face shapes and also fits specific budgets is not impossible any more. Your insights will give you the answers that you need.

At Intelligence Node we believe that when it comes to sunglasses- the two “P”s are perfectly applicable- ‘premium’ and ‘personalized.’ Utilizing the resources one has, and not digging for things that may or may not exist, is the way to success we think. And you dear retailers have been doing just that for ages. This is why we love working with you!



Color Trends : Spring London Fashion Week 2015

Fashion Trends @ London Fashion Week Spring 2015…

At IntelligenceNODE, we have been checking out the various trends that are ruling the runways this year. And yes, we can see just how quickly these are spreading! We combed the rich and the famous (online of course) – Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar- Thank you for confirming and inspiring!

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