Advertising: All about Perceptions…

If we look at the history of the world, there has always been one constant – advertising! We have constantly advertised products, services, people, ideas, perceptions, etc.

Of course, today, advertising is all about selling products or services. But is not any kind of propaganda, prejudices, even ideas- a kind of advertisement?

We equate ads with the ones we see on billboards and T.V., hear on radio, etc. The term, ‘advertising,’ has been used by modern day businessmen as an out for selling their product. Students learn advertising in schools and colleges. Special positions are created for them as well. There is a thriving industry that revolves around the term.

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Join the Tablet Revolution…

Ask any marketer today, and you will hear their stress on the words mobile and tablet. They will tell you that to be successful as a marketer; you need to sink your claws into the mobile pie.

Apps, websites and offliners are all creating tablet and mobile versions of their products so that they can tap the large number of digital consumers out there. ECommerce has slowly evolved in to mCommerce.

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Mobile + eCommerce

The internet has revolutionized the way we think. According to our research, the e-commerce market in India is projected to grow from approximately $720 million in 2012 to $5846 million in 2015. Indian B2C e-commerce is currently valued at $14 Bn, with many commentators predicting it to reach $60-80 Bn by 2025.

Until some time ago, the driving force of eCommerce was the PC and the laptop. But now we see a sudden shift in this phenomenon, in the form of the mobile phone- or more succinctly, smart phones and tablets. IntelligenceNODE believes that the real driver of eCommerce is the mobile. According to research by Kleiner Perkins, in India, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop internet usage in May 2012.

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Digitally Musical

In ancient times, Operas and street plays were the only places to hear good music. Of course they still exist, but today good music is everywhere- quite literally. If you still think music is all about buying CDs and cassettes, think again. A whole new world is helping the music industry stand up and boom.

IntelligenceNODE believes that today, social media networks have developed huge consumer bases, which are being used by businesses by setting up channels and feeds to engage with customers. Moreover, music is one of the most engaging topics of discussion on social networks globally.

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The Illusion of Choice

Today we live in a world where choices abound. The ability to choose is important. As Albus Dumbledore says in one of the Harry Potter books, and I quote, “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

Choices abound today. In every aspect of life, we have a choice. From buying products to making important milestones in life like marriage and childbirth, we have the privilege of decision making. But is it really our choice?

Individualism is a weapon of the 21st century. The fact that each and every person is different from the other is a trademark of the Age of Aquarius. But current trends show that this individualism is on the decline. Instead of making choices based on facts, we are being influenced by various sources to choose in a particular manner.

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eTravel- a Success!

The tourism industry is one of the most affected industries, with the onset of eCommerce. Tourism is an information rich industry. The travel industry and eCommerce have become a very prosperous pair. The different factions of the travel industry all benefit from this marriage to eCommerce.

Travel was the first industry to garner significant digital sales in India, and according to the Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) International, it remains by far the biggest segment of B2C ecommerce sales.

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