7 Pricing Strategies to Supercharge your eCommerce Christmas Sales

Price matters. In fact, it matters more than any other factor to at least 60% of consumers. More and more consumers are turning to eCommerce platforms for holiday gifts. In 2015, Cyber Monday sales alone totaled more than $3 billion. That being said, pricing your merchandise right may be the only thing standing between you and skyrocketing success. Continue reading “7 Pricing Strategies to Supercharge your eCommerce Christmas Sales”

Ecommerce Holiday Shopping Predictions for 2016

As retailers continue to lament the nosedive retail sales have taken, eCommerce is a bright spot amid an increasingly bleak retail outlook. Sales are notoriously difficult to predict, especially online, but 2015 can teach us much about what to expect in 2016. Make sure your brand is ready for the season with these 2016 eCommerce holiday shopping predictions.

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Is Cyber Monday The New Black Friday?

A generation ago, the mall was an inevitable stop on the holiday shopping journey. Now, many consumers finish their shopping without ever listening to the drone of Christmas music, seeing giant sale signs, or fighting for their place in line. Cyber Monday is on track to become the new Black Friday, and the longstanding Friday shopping tradition may soon be a relic of the past. The right eCommerce pricing strategies are increasingly important for online sales, particularly in the days after Thanksgiving. Continue reading “Is Cyber Monday The New Black Friday?”

How to Get Your Ecommerce Store Ready for Cyber Monday & Black Friday

Retailers all know that Black Friday — and its more recently popular sister sales holiday, Cyber Monday — are essential opportunities to boost revenue before the calendar year comes to a close. However, the widespread awareness of both isn’t enough for the retail space to simply rely on. In fact, thanks to technology, retailers have to be more aggressive than ever to stay ahead of the competition. Continue reading “How to Get Your Ecommerce Store Ready for Cyber Monday & Black Friday”