“Conceptualize”- @Lakme India Fashion Week

The much awaited ICC Cricket World Cup Semi-Final is over and done with. A few billion Indian fans are feeling the loss of the World cup trophy. But our retailers have already picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and are ready for the next opportunity to do great stuff.

And in the same spirit of sportsmanship, we too are ready for the big events that will add value to the shelves of the marketers and the wardrobes of the world. In the meantime, since we are a big data analytics organization, and analysis is our bread and butter; we did an interesting study of certain words- that lend themselves to “trending” online, sometimes for less than a day, but are electric enough to stay with people even now.

We observed a lot of great ideas that our very own fashion designers espoused, this year, at the Lakme Fashion Week. And no, we are not just referring to Instagram campaigns and digital runways. One notable mention, though, to Masaba Gupta for taking her collection to the digital stage- all candies and pop.





These ideas have been hot for some time; and a great way to reach consumers of a particular category. Today, though, we want to highlight a few, for the want of a better word, “campaigns” that we thought were the works of absolute genius.

While the international runway was celebrating parenthood with designs for mother or father and baby, our very own designers are focusing on blurring the lines and challenging stereotypes. A few notable collections like DRVV by Druv Kapoor, munkee.see.munkee.doo, etc are noteworthy.





A very interesting take on the concept and the words alike, the collection titled LoveBirds proved that fashion is still about simplicity and wearability.





Amrita Khanna and Gursi Singh, the duo behind LoveBirds, created a look that can easily go from gym to gig and from male to female. Thick jerseys, boxy T-shirts and almost-track pants showed us how comfort can be cool.





And the latest, Deepika Padukone wearing Nimish Shah’s creation, straight off the runway! Talk about instant!

Aren’t vacations those times when you sit back and watch the world go to work? Just take a vacation then, these clothes tell us.

What we loved about these collections was that they are made keeping the modern consumer in mind. Beat the heat, or scorch the party- you can do both in these clothes. Apparel that is easy, affordable, simple and cool.

And speaking of cool stuff, we really loved Manish Malhotra‘s association with “WEvolve.” If there is a time and place for taking a stand, it is now. And through his creations, Manish Malhotra did just that.









The ‘Blue Runway‘ show, grabbed a lot of attention. With designs that kept silhouettes in mind- a mix of traditional and modern, and blue reigning the creations, Manish Malhotra shows his own evolution, after 25 years in the industry. Celebrating romance against violence, with a long runway and internationally wearable creations, we loved the concept and thought that inspired it.




We think, these are the kind of conscious, aware efforts, that interest the millennial consumer. As a retailer, it is a challenge to reinvent and create affordable fashion. In a way, customized fashion is easy, because your consumer tells you exactly what she or he wants. But when you have to generalize, prepare a whole collection of apparel- judge what is right in terms of sizes and affordability; and keep consumer interest in mind at the same time; it gets difficult.

And yet, not impossible. E tail has made it possible for manufacturers to connect with their audience on a personal basis. With a little research and the desire to reach the sky, you can win at the probables.

When it comes to designer brands and apparel shopping online, there are a few generic questions that come to mind. How do I compete with a Manish Malhotra? Or how do I ensure that my consumers, who buy apparel for up to 2000 Rs. each month, will loosen their purses a little more?

Knowing your consumers’ likes and dislikes is not enough in this scenario; it is equally important to know affordability. Pricing depends on many factors for a manufacturer or a retailer. But consumers most often know only how they can get the best deals.

It is in this pursuit of best deals that we learn a lesson from our designers- ‘conceptualizing.’ A story gives dimension to a product, we think. A montage,if you will. Two images – one a monkey and one a man. Makes no sense? Now insert an arrow in the middle. Evolution does make sense!

Which is why personalization is important. It is the key to unlocking the treasure trove. And we support you completely in this endeavor, dear retailer!