Customer Relations and Big Data…

All that recent talk about using drones to deliver orders spells a new high in customer service. Whether real or not, these speculations bring to light the changed face of customer relations…

The Internet has changed customer expectations forever.

Customer service today is all about a positive experience that leaves the customer satisfied and happy. Customer service is not all about delivery only though. We have all experienced some form of automated customer service these days. The usual round of ‘press 1 if you need, blah, blah…,’ and then repeating all your details, like your name, address, etc to the service representative is rather time consuming and very slow. This process could also turn irritating very swiftly. In the end, an automated machine response or a person responding sound almost the same.

We are all prepared to hear this kind of negative and rather useless response when we are forced to call customer service. But finally, times are evolving. With Big Data, finally, customer service representatives will be able to overcome tinny, scripted responses and induce a degree of warmth and humanity to the discussion…

What should savvy self-respecting brands and retailers do now? Realize that a brand can no longer compete on price or convenience. It’s time to exploit what we have at our disposal: deliver authentic, brand-rich, occasion-specific, content-driven and brilliantly tailored customer experiences.

Amazon is a case in point. Amazon has an unrivalled bank of data on online consumer purchasing behaviour that it can mine from its 152 million customer accounts. Since many years, Amazon uses that data to build a recommender systems that suggest products to people who visit Not only recommendations, though, make Amazon a big player; it is how they use their data to know all about their consumers so that they can make customer service a positive experience.




Big data analysis has changed the etailers’ views on customer service once and for all. Even brick and mortar stores are offering better customer services today. But etailers have the advantage. They can actually keep records of what the customer likes and chooses to buy. They can even know if the customer just browses and does not buy anything.

All of these factors point to one glaring fact- customer service is getting better thanks to big data. You may have ordered something online and observed that you get an email and/or SMS at each new stage of delivery. This practise is like an assurance that your product will be delivered in a timely manner and in a good condition.

Customer service may not be as important as factors like Pricing and Personalization, but for a retailer, it is a benchmark of goodwill that they have with customers. After all good customer relations mean more footfalls/clicks.

At IntelligenceNODE, we believe that customer relations are what keep a person coming back to buy more, in turn adding value to your brand. In service to this fact, we analyse your data and help you add more clicks to your etail repertoire. For more information, see: