Digital Publishing in the Connected World

These days, with convergence on all minds, it’s all about instantaneous sharing of information. The moment something happens, it is known, opinions are literally created and people follow these with a strong set of beliefs, not fearing the consequences of ‘following’ or ‘sharing’ popular status and ideas.

Publishing is no more a long drawn out process. It happens at the click of a button. This is the reason that ePublishing is becoming so mainstream now. Online publishing has flourished with the onset of eCommerce. With more than 2.4 billion Internet users worldwide, ePublishing is slowly taking over.




AAP (Association of American Publishers) counted $970 million in actual book sales, comprising 18.6 & of all net reported trade, as of 2013. The Publishers Association Statistics Yearbook 2013 has become a yardstick of the industry’s fortunes in the UK. The latest edition presents a mixed picture of an industry which accounts for £4.7 billion in revenue, more than 40% of which is driven by export sales.

IntelligenceNODE believes that online publishing has opened up a lot of big possibilities to publishers. Multiple delivery channels, a list of devices, social sharing and diversified revenue streams make the world seem bigger (and smaller) all at once—with a universe of new prospects at our fingertips.

Yet we can’t nurture those prospects into leads and those leads into customers if we don’t understand them. That’s where the big data comes in; it can yield big insights.

Audience Data may not bring unprecedented amounts of data to your fingertips, but it’s a kind of data and how you use it that matters more. Big data expands your view of the enterprise by increasing the range and variety of data that can be analyzed so that you have additional context and insight to enable better decision making. With decreased time to actionable results, big data can provide an advantage by adding a real-time analytics capability that can enable your people to be more responsive in day-to-day situations.

Big data is very important to publishers. Essentially, appropriately analyzing big data can lead to added value for readers and sponsors. It aids in seeing a clearer picture of all the moving parts that are most effective for the audience—channels, messages, content, devices—and how different groups interact with those parts. It helps gaining greater insight into what works best where and what isn’t working, which enables you to tailor content to specific segments of your audience, for maximum results. It also optimizes the knowledge as to what the audience wants and needs.

IntelligenceNODE believes that predicting these and many other avenues for lead generation results in delivering the right message or tools to the right people in the right place at the right time. This results in greater audience engagement and monetization of your content and products. Also, your sales and marketing team can function much more efficiently with data analytics.

Ultimately, we believe that, big data coupled with traditional revenue and marketing channels, helps you tell the right story to your audience and helps you comprehend what they are looking for, when.

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