Ethnically Yours- Big Data

Every culture in the world comes with a set of norms and rules. And the way one should dress happens to be one of those unspoken norms that govern popular conscious. Society decides what is appropriate and what is not for various gender, ethnic groups, etc.

Although these days dress has become mainstream everywhere, there are still groups of people that adhere to traditions. And ethnic wear is one of those long standing traditions that have gripped the imaginations of designers everywhere.

Which is why, the ethnic wear industry in India today comprises 75% of the total women’s wear market, at USD 10.82 billion. This is a huge number, considering the fact that the Indian Apparel market is presently valued at USD 39 billion and expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5% to reach USD 60 billion by 2017.

With more than 10 million women joining the workforce, the apparel industry is expected to gain a potential 35 million consumers by 2020, according to a Technopak report. These numbers are clear indicators that modern and comfort based dressing will not erase centuries of traditional ideals.

Ethnic wear, especially in India today, is most popular during the wedding (read winter) season in India. Weddings see a variety of ethnic and traditional dress styles coming together. The challenge for most designers and retailers, though, lies in deciding what will earn those profits as well as brand recognition.


Recent studies have shown that, for a majority of categories, consumers still prefer to use physical stores for both researching and purchasing products. Ethnic wear especially is one of those categories that are sold in-store. Customers need to feel the fabric, see the shine of the cloth, etc, to actually decide on a purchase.

The challenge for most retailers, that practice multi- channel marketing, is to create a unique shopping experience where customers derive both value and pleasure from visiting physical storefronts. We have seen leading digital e-tailers employ big data analytics to create a superlative experience for their users. Physical stores are now emulating their digital counterparts when it comes to creating a great shopping experience.

Some stores are replicating the tailored to fit, custom made, fashion experience for their customers. Breakthroughs in new facial recognition technology combined with real-time analytics are now enabling brick-and-mortar retail storefronts to provide greater levels of personalization. You walk into the store and are immediately greeted by name, directed to products that are your style, etc.

Another interesting thing physical stores seem to be doing is tracking and analyzing shopping behavior across visits. This ultimately leads to a better understanding of the shoppers’ mind, and in many cases larger basket sizes.

Such unique experiences are a part of the great big data story. At IntelligenceNODE, we are proud to be another part of this story. We help you create an unforgettable experience for all your customers.