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Being Fashionable- The Popular Paradox for Online Shopping

Fashion is subjective, they say. And ever evolving. As this interesting take on the history of shopping dictates.


Buy Less. Choose Well.

– Vivienne Westwood



The problem though, lies in the choosing. There is so much variety available to consumers today, they have to go through multiple experimental periods, to decide what will look good on them and what should be avoided. Add to that the changing waistlines, age, body types, etc. Also the fact that today, shopping happens through various sources.

With people having less time on their hands and more to choose from, browsing websites or shops is not preferred. Most people look at the mobile apps for shopping portals while commuting; or when necessity arises. All of these factors serve up a mish- mash of results that may not be great for each person. In such a melange of variety of products and perceptions, it becomes the retailers responsibility to provide services that actually matter to the consumer.

With eCommerce becoming mainstream, and the Indian E commerce market predicted to reach $6 Billion this year (Gartner), we are following a completely new and different trajectory than before, as regards apparel retail.

With this quandary in mind, at IntelligenceNODE, we have connected ourselves not only with retailers, but with events that encourage equality, independence and of course, great style as well. Our association with interesting eCommerce websites, that don’t follow the conventional format- makes it possible for us to observe and comment on these superb efforts.

There are three main reasons, or as we like to call them, attributes, that prohibit an unparalleled online shopping experience:


This is a universal question that stays with consumers, until they understand various brands, and get used to shopping online. You can find a detailed review/ our opinion on why size matters, here.






To define ‘fit,’ it simply means to be of the right shape or size for a particular person (in this context). Fits are important. Many a times, terms like skinny fit, slim fit are used (jeans) by online portals. Now appearance may play a role in the path to purchase, but if the fit is not right, chances are, the consumer will not buy the same brand, again. Sometimes, they may even shun your website/app.




Silhouette/ Profile

A silhouette is described as the shape of a person’s body or the shape created by wearing clothing of a particular style. Many people like certain types of apparel- by looking at them online. But when they buy these and wear them, they may end up not liking the look at all. People thus end up stashing away some such product, because their profile or silhouette is not flattered by the clothes. Once again, this may create distrust for a brand or website.





Many stylists, designers, businesses, etc, have encountered these hassles. They have understood that a consumer wants the best of both worlds- good fashion and fashion which suits them. Which is why we have 20 Dresses, Voonik, Stylecracker, etc.






These websites work towards creating harmony in the fashion world.

You don’t know what looks good on you? Know what to wear but tight budgets? Don’t know where you will find your latest fashion fix?

No worries- sign up; get a live feed telling you what’s hot and what’s not. Share your own evolution; and get great deals!




As recently as last Saturday, 18th April, Stylecracker sponsored an event at the Palladium Hotel, Mumbai, India. Their aim- to introduce fashionistas to each other and everyone else; and more besides. Chennai based Voonik we believe, is a great way to convert everyone into fashionistas! With a clear vision and affordable style picks, they give great suggestions, discounts and ideas for every kind of person.

These websites are great for the modern consumer. But, at IntelligenceNODE, we feel that there is another way to provide a great service to your consumer. Retail and merchandising analysis can help you to understand exactly what your consumer needs-

What is their style? What are their likes and dislikes? What is their body type? What are the correct cuts, fits, sizes, silhouettes, etc, that they would prefer, etc.

And the great benefit of insights derived from analyses – data is gathered by you; plus, these insights help you not only with understanding your consumer NOW; they also give you a glimpse into the future. Essentially, you are learning everything you can about your consumer- without having to utilize any extra resources.

At IntelligenceNODE, we understand the little spots of probabilities that you may face; And we have equipped ourselves to handle these efficiently so that your journey is as smooth as possible, dear retailer!