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BLOGThe “Fringe” fever...

The “Fringe” fever and how a retailer can make the most of it?

Remember those Wild West movies where the cowgirls wore jackets and boots with fringes? Or go back to the Native Indian Americans- I remember watching even Disney’s Pocahontas dressed in a fringed skirt! And let’s not forget the old Bollywood flicks- where the villain would be dressed in a fringed shift jacket- and a head scarf or hat- so you cannot know his identity!

The “fringe” is back now- on the runways and the streets. Boots, jackets, dresses, clutches, sleeves, pants, everything seems fringed. The London and New York Fashion Weeks brought the “fringe” back into our lives this year.

The fringe has great potential, as the fashion makers have realized! We saw fringe all over the spring 2015 runways and now it has made an appearance at big shows like Ralph Lauren Polo and Mara Hoffman. While BCBG showed off the trend in a more dressed down way, Bibhu Mohapatra infused fringe on evening gowns, making it a great trend to try for a cocktail party or wedding.


From Proenza Schouler—who showed delightfully daring evening skirts decked out in fringe—to Thakoon, who placed cascading fringe on tops as embellishments, the style was made to look both edgy and ladylike, unexpected and yet totally wearable. On the runway at ICB, Prabal Gurung showed entire tops made from ombre fringe, probably the most unique take on the trend.

Rather tricky the fringe might seem, but it happens to be one of those trends that are easy to interpret. And easy to capture. Predicting that the Fringe trend is taking over active street style is not a stretch of the imagination then. The fringe, a major 70s look, will be popular for both casual dressing and eveningwear, we think.

The designers may have used the trend to make their collections stand out. And most looks may or may not be practical until the next season. But there a community of peeps out there- who are already rocking these, looks, anyway. And these looks we think, dear retailer, are the ones that matter in business! Fashion bloggers show the way on this one.

And yes, they love the fringe. So we at Intelligence Node, suggest a few ways, we think you as a retailer, can make sure to include the fringe on your shelves! We know what the consumers want, and as this famous quote from Sex and the City proves, consumers want tangible fashion- in this case the fringe, in their wardrobe!

I Like My Money Where I can See It- Hanging In My Closet!

-Carrie Bradshaw

Creating Statement Apparel…

The best way to make the fringe, we think, look good, is moderation. Especially in apparel. Simple that. You can just stock up on individual apparel pieces and see them fly off the shelves. To demonstrate: Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What gets it right with a statement skirt with the famous fringe. And Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea just brought out a jacket with the fringe, period.


Fringtastic Accessories…

Accessories give that elegant or punk or cool or classy quotient to any look. And the fringe lends itself well to accessories. A fringed Clutch with a completely cool jeans and T-shirt? Cool right? Camille Charriere of Camille over the Rainbow did something similar. You can definitely have fringed necklaces, earrings and the like on your shelves too!


Fringed Foot!

Boots with the fringe look cool. And eventually, most of the ladies out there will want these for themselves. You do have time for bringing out the boots though. Since they are confined to winter mostly. But again, let’s not forget the versatility of the fringe.


Let’s make this trend happening, one fringe at a time. And cater to customers’ every whim on the way!