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From Material to Mindsets – Ethnic Fashion @Lakme India Fashion Week

It’s that time of the year again. When the glitz and glam is all dolled up- and veterans and new comers alike celebrate fashion in all its glory! The Lakme India Fashion Week is back. And we are very excited! Because Fashion weeks mean endless ideas, reinvention, innovation, and lots of celeb spotting. Translation- trend spotting! This is the time when many trends are made and broken.


Fashion Weeks are those times when fashion and ancillary industries are super alert. Eyes wide open; alcohol and coffee induced days and nights. Parties. Fun. But above all- a cartload of fashion! All over the world!

But India differs from most international fashion events. And the Lakme India Fashion Week is testament to that fact. As much as our designers create modern, wearable, simple designs; so also, there is always time and need for ethnic wear in India.

There is so much diversity in cultures and designs here- you might end up finding something new in the next 500 kilometres. The fabrics, the dressing, the designs, the motifs, there are so many options! Indian designers are very aware of the mindsets and materials that rule the Indian psyche.


Ethnic wear in India is beautiful. From the ever elegant sari to the humble dhoti, ethnic wear is as visible and used the same way today, as it was millennia ago. The modern designers are constantly trying to find newer ways, provide different perspectives to the radically traditional apparel and fashion of this country.

Case in point, one of the episodes of ‘Style & the City,’ a TV series merging fashion and travel on Fox Life (India)- took designer Rina Dhaka to the hippie city of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, to be able to design a boho-chic outfit for entrepreneur and model Priya Sachdev.


At IntelligenceNODE, it is our business to follow people that we are sure will design trends that will make it to the markets worldwide. Working with e Tail players gives us the opportunity to combine our insights with real time, actionable stories of these people and places.

Here we present a list of Indian Fashions’ Most Valued!

This year, the Lakme India Fashion Week celebrates its 15th year anniversary! Fashion and milestones. Enough reason to go grande! And who better to play curtain raiser than the one and only Sabyasachi Mukherjee!


To many people, Sabyasachi Mukherjee is known as the ambassador of Indian couture worldwide. And the ladies at home love his designs. Vidya Balan, Kajol, Deepika Padukone, Rani Mukerji, Kalki Koecklin, among others, wear Sabyasachi creations with pride.


Lakme Fashion Week’s find and favorite, Sabya made his debut in 2002 with a collection that earned him instant spotlight. He has pioneered the use of Indian textiles and craft tradition, re-inventing Indian couture globally. This year, Sabya explored the magic of power dressing of the 1970s era in his new Resort 2015 line Big Love.

Creations that are like a medley of ancient Indian culture and modern technology are his signature. He weaves an atmosphere that takes you on a journey in time. He relies on fabrics, glitter, tassels; a touch of royalty; and sensuousness; the gents look like kings of yore in a Sabyasachi creation. The ladies- like ‘Ranis’; beautiful, delicate and very strong at the same time.


Another designer and another show we are waiting for is from Tarun Tahiliani. Tahiliani studied economics at Wharton. It was a coincidence which led him to fashion designing. But today, the Indian fashion and ethnic wear scene would be incomplete without his works.


Tarun is famous for fusing Indian and Western. And his collections tell of his love affair with elegance. Timeless pieces that are a visual treat and are sure to be a part of every fashionistas wardrobe are his style. And we heart this.


When speaking about ethnic wear, another designer we follow is Neeta Lulla. An artist on the runway; a costume designer for movies; and a designer for the Red Carpet! Neeta Lulla is also known for her work with digital technology in design.




We are watching out for trends, details and little ideas that will make the Lakme India Fashion Week more tangible for you dear retailer. It does not matter whether you are physically present to see the wow moments. It does not even matter if you have time to research and filter things of interest on-line.

Because you already have this data; the behaviour of your consumers it is. And we, at IntelligenceNODE, are happy to do all the hard work; give you actionable ideas that will transform the runway trends into street chic, or wedding worthy!

Stay tuned for more…!