Amazon Indian fashion week runway
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Glimpses- Fashion, Amazon Indian Fashion Week, Data Derivatives

Fantasy, fiction, flirty or flighty, The Amazon Indian Fashion Week in the capital was a delight! And compelling enough, that we have to talk about it!

There was a lot of reinvention at the Amazon Fashion Week., the Indian portal by the International E tail giant, has been taking baby steps in terms of fashion and apparel in India. But the fashion week was not a baby step, it was a giant leap. And a huge success!

The opening show itself, by Rajesh Pratap Singh, was ‘dauntingly haunting.’ With models dressed in monochromes, the attention was on hospital beds and blood stain colors.





The hand-woven garments were made with “suture seams” that are primarily used during surgeries – that’s why the ‘different’ ambiance on the ramp.




All those Cinderella fans who loved Lily James and her blue dress ensemble in the movie, Anju Modi‘s collection was for you! A sort of classic European Princess takes on Indian tradition- each peice was a story.




The colors, the make-up, the silhouettes and the winged diadems all were a tale of the times. We were reminded of Tangled and Brave from Disney! at Amazon Indian Fashion Week.




The collection from J.J.Valaya, was, as usual, grand and gorgeous. An amalgamation of Indian and Russian textile arts, this collection- ‘The Bolshoi Bazaar,’ was luxuriously chic.





Indo-Russian embroidery on churidars with pleated kurtas and short jackets, saris, lehengas, angrakhas and long coats, were as grand as they could be- Valaya’s signature!


Capes, Jackets, loose and cool dresses, cottony and otherwise knit fabrics, buttons, etc stay with us.





And we know that these take aways will help you and your consumer, dear retailer. Such is the power of great design.





But we also are aware, that amidst so much competition, reinvention, collaboration and instantaneous communication, staying alert is difficult. There are certain trends that one tends to miss out on, simply due to so much going on.

At Intelligence Node, we keep track of all things fashion, and apparel and retail for you. Being an etailer in this time is like sitting on a bomb with an inbuilt timer, set for the next 60 seconds! In a world where so much information and data exists, it only makes sense to use that data- insight fully.

We have always spoken about clicks, and how powerful a tool each click is for you, the etailer. But today, we want to go beyond the obvious. Lets transcend the clicks, pins, likes and mentions- and give a human face to our consumer.

The virtual is great- but it is the real, tangible stuff that builds consumer interest and loyalty. We are a data analytics organization. And it is our pleasure to talk data. But we actually take moments to reflect and think about direction and perspective.

So let us put into perspective the picture- let us take out the “big” from the data. When you truly look at data- you realize that it needs work; cleaning, sorting, categorizing and so on. And once the work is done- data actually becomes useful. As easy as it sounds, it is not. Data can be completely useless if harnessed incorrectly! But what happens once data IS used correctly?





All these industries merge when data is done right. The devil is in the details as they say. And separately outsourcing various functions to specialists in each industry is a necessity to adapt to evolving global markets.

But big data manages to bring these together. And it is through this collaborative and insightful use of data that smart decisions can be reached. When you, the etailer choose to look at your Facebook Shares or re-tweets while choosing a marketing direction, are you getting new customers, engaging current customers, or resolving angry customers’ complaints?

Decisions made on numbers alone are rather surgical. They may target the superficial- but the fact is that humans are not just numbers; they have emotions to guide them. And their trust, once earned leads straight to loyalty. Why would they be loyal? Because you have not just targeted them; you have actually understood them too.

That is probably why people buy brands so much. They trust that they will get the best.





To put it simply, like they say of worshiping idols- if you believe, even a stone becomes the Lord. Same with data- when you know, understand and innovate- it becomes a resource; until then, it is just data!