Join the Tablet Revolution…

Ask any marketer today, and you will hear their stress on the words mobile and tablet. They will tell you that to be successful as a marketer; you need to sink your claws into the mobile pie.

Apps, websites and offliners are all creating tablet and mobile versions of their products so that they can tap the large number of digital consumers out there. ECommerce has slowly evolved in to mCommerce.

Everything from hotel and train bookings, to shopping to payments, etc, is done on line. It is no wonder then, that digital commerce has become so very important. The mobile is, literally, bringing out newer opportunities and higher ROI.

Mobile shopping—particularly on tablet devices—is having an outsize impact on the ecommerce world, contributing to an increasing share of retail ecommerce sales and exerting more influence on overall retail sales.





Of course a large percentage of people still use the desktop or laptop, but by far, tablets are taking over. IntelligenceNODE studies the Tablet Revolution- as we like to call it.

This year, 15% of online retail sales will take place via mobile devices, according to eMarketer, up from 11% in 2012. By 2017, the percentage will rise to 25%. Tablets are driving most of this spending growth.

Recent research from the Adobe Digital Index, which has analyzed more than 100 billion visits to more than 1000 sites across the world, shows that the average websites are now getting more traffic or visitors from the tablets compared to that of received from the Smartphones. According to the Adobe Digital Index, retail and eCommerce websites are now getting more traffic from tablets than Smart phones, with an 8% rise in monthly page views.

With tablets becoming so much more popular, eCommerce business owners are being encouraged to optimize their websites now for this rapidly evolving trend of tablet devices in order to survive the future. In fact, in 2012 itself, 66.9 million tablets were sold around the world.

As far as markets are concerned, four markets in particular are leading the way, especially amongst Asian-Pacific markets, in the tablet revolution – Japan, India, China and Indonesia. These four markets will see faster ecommerce growth than all other global markets, according to many estimates.

The great thing about tablets is that they allow the consumer to conveniently customize and digest a variety of information in short amounts of time. The size of a tablet’s screen allows for simpler navigation than the average smart phone, and its size is less clumsy than a laptop. The size and capabilities of tablets more aptly facilitate online shopping than smartphones, thus providing a more accessible ecommerce storefront than ever before. Online retailers wishing to remain competitive are revising their content, designs, features and ads to meet new ‘tablet’ standards.

IntelligenceNODE believes that with tablets changing the way we are operating, the very fabric of life is changing. Maybe the future holds think and create- formats of ingeniously designed software that will be virtually effortless, but still provide the whole experience!