Of Dreams & Diamonds…


There’s looks and then there’s looks. The former makes you feel happy or sad or loved or disappointed. And the latter make you the centre of attention, period. Looks are the brainchild of luxury. And what better place to explain luxury than on the Red Carpet at one of the most glamorous events in our culture- Festival de Cannes!

At IntelligenceNODE, we have been studying looks at various events as a part of our discussion on trends. And the Red Carpet at Cannes is as larger than life as it gets. With the bold and the beautiful stepping out in their summer best, we noticed some trends popping out, subtly of course.

Maybe that is the way to go this summer! Or not. These trends include pastel tones, minimalist looks and clear fabrics. And of course brands. But there is one trend that is emerging and surpassing the others. Diamonds!

Not too much on one person. But then one diamond accessory from Chopard or Bulgari is statement enough, isn’t it?

Female actor Julianne Moore has been wowing with exquisite jewellery on the Red Carpet from day 1.


With Chopard Jewels as the statement pieces of all her looks, the visual effect is rather stunning.

Looking at all these amazing diamonds on our beloved female stars, the question arises; do diamonds and luxury jewellery translate into a beneficial global market for e-commerce players? At IntelligenceNODE, we believe that e-commerce is the future and the present. While shopping in brick in mortar stores is not going to end any-time soon- e-commerce provides boost, visibility and traction to retailers.

Which is why we believe that everything worth buying can be bought and sold online. Including diamonds. We have spoken about how etailers can trendify jewellery online before.

But right now the focus is on luxury and its availability to all and sundry. That is the great power of e Tail. Bulgari, Swarovski or Chopard jewels are no longer confined to the Red Carpet. And neither are couture collections. You can find great premium, luxury stuff online already. Case in point Net A Porter.


From nose studs to rose-tinted rocks that cost a bungalow and a lawn, diamonds today sell at all price points and people are lapping up these precious stones like never before. In fact, diamonds are the new silver. Indeed, online shopping has boosted diamond jewellery sales by a fifth as tech-savvy youngsters buy rocks rather than gold, say branded players.

The smart consumer today knows where to buy what. And how much they should pay for it. From a consumers’ point of view, they are known for carrying out research that influences their buying decisions.

Diamonds are getting rather popular, as this graph showing global retail sales circa 2012, explains.


Diamonds are seen as a symbol of success and purity for many. It is not surprising then that e-commerce players are ready to capitalize on this fact. There are the various types of diamonds, the settings, the colours, the cuts, etc that factor when diamond jewellery comes into play.

And etailers can offer the whole bevy of products that go with the solitaires, when selling these luxurious pieces online. Diamonds generally have to be sourced from Australia or Africa. So the market happens to be one of those that cannot have a ‘local produce,’ so to speak. But each place has their own way of designing and creating jewellery that will appeal to the locals.

And diamonds have become smaller. Making them easier to buy. Technology has made it possible to cut and polish diamonds in such a way that they have become more accessible. In fact, polished diamonds are also a global trend.


The bet, for a retailer, is to know whether to sell loose diamonds or jewellery. Shipping also becomes an issue, because security matters in this case. For an etailer, it is much easier to have a profile on any consumer that guides them on approach, when an inquiry or interest is expressed.

This is possible through analytics and insights. Once you know exactly how your consumer thinks, you can give him or her the kind of service and products they desire. Especially when it comes to selling diamonds online, personalization is key.


Whatever the occasion may be, diamonds are forever as they say. A legacy that lasts. And so is your legacy to the world, dear retailer!