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Serenading the Senses- Designing Multi Sensory Experiences!

The latest fad on Instagram that has all the women (and quite a few men) swooning is this account called “Hot Dudes Reading.” The idea was simply an extension of daily observations. And only a couple of weeks after the account was created, it already had more than 300K followers!

#HotDudesReading is proof of the fact that we may have the most amazing technologies, but certain things, like a good paperback book, are a large part of the human imagination. In our interactions with retailers, we at Intelligence Node find that there are certain such things, or maybe sensations even, that unconsciously influence our decisions on the path to purchase.

We have been studying how the modern and very aware mind is also compelled by brilliant retailers, to think over a negative and purchase an item! A popular term now, ‘neuromarketing,’ is often used by large retailers to understand their consumers’ responses to marketing stimuli.

After associating with some of the progressive retail houses, we have also deduced that modern day retailers are taking neuromarketing to a new level. Now, it has become clear, that only 5% of our buying decisions are made consciously- the remaining and staggering 95%- are influenced!


We have many a times come across a popular question that many retailers are harangued with- how to make my in -store and multi channel experience as exclusive as the product I sell? So, we compiled a list of the simplest and quickest techniques we think change interest into conversion.

‘Scent’ percent success!

Ever seen those ads that talk of a scent seducing people? Well they are right! We all know that people remember iconic scents like the smell of Chanel No.5 from memory! Smells or scents are linked to the brain. These smells are like windows into memories. We link them to events, things or people. Maybe that is why Victoria’s Secret body creams and body butters laced with vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, mango, etc., are so popular.

To me, the smell of fresh made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.

-Hugh Jackman


There are some popular scents used by retail stores regularly. Like chamomile- to relax; Apple- to give the illusion of space; leather- makes you think of expensive furniture & cars or bikes; fresh baked breads or other goodies- gives you a sense of home; But by far it seems, floral scents lure consumers into staying and incidentally, buying more.

In fact, neurologist, Dr. Alan Hirsch, in a study, found that 84% people were unknowingly willing to pay 10% more for a pair of Nike shoes in a scented room! So what scent can you use to ensure that you create and retain customers?



To touch or not to touch?

Nobody really bothers to talk about the sense of touch in marketing. But, it is undeniably, irrevocably true that touch is the greatest clincher when it comes to buying a product. And touch is not restricted to feeling the product; it also refers to the human touch. A warm handshake by the car salesman usually results in a purchase!

I will only observe that that ethereal sense- sights, and touch, which is at the other extremity of the scale, have from time acquired a very remarkable, additional power.

-Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin


Touch is especially important in apparel retail. Clothes, and the way they feel after touching the body, are the only reason for multiple trial rooms as well as a sale many times. Insights show that even the innocent 2 seconds of touch makes a difference.



Sounds Surreal!

Sound or music is directly related to mood. And this is quite well known. Even consumers are aware of this. Music is used extensively in retail spaces to provide that unseen nudge. For example, supermarkets, departmental stores, etc. always have fast paced music inside. It may not be blaring; but it is enough to get customers excited and interested in something more than themselves.



Victoria’s Secret uses soothing music so that you can ask questions to their sales executives. Vero Moda uses hep and girly tunes that get the shoppers actually hopping or skipping around.

Show your true Colors!

Colors of course, are associated with everything. It has been proved that colors can soothe, excite, frustrate, create joy, welcome, create warmth, etc. And this is proved in the numerous sales signs all over the world! Red- for discounts and sales! Huge banners, small signs, most of them in a glaring red! Conveying urgency- hurry!

Blues are for welcome, green for nature, and yellow for happiness. And the colors that shoppers end up buying for themselves are indicators too- of impulse buyers, of the fashionistas and the cool ones. Colors are also associated with tastes. Like a green or a yellow candy maybe lemony and sour. The red and pink ones may be sweet. Yellow is usually salty- like chips and fries.



It seems that retail stores use warm colors to attract buyers. In fact, colors happen to be the most important factors for online retailers. The backgrounds- the product colors, etc. are all being used extensively to analyze customer behavior.

As a retailer, you must have used at least one of these methods to craft beautiful experiences for your consumers. We find that a combination of these usually ends up on the other side of the strategizing team. Also, as retailers, direct communication, correct interpretation of responses and development as a result are all touch points toward individual and collective sales progress. And we at Intelligence Node are glad to make the journey with you.