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When Festival Meets Fashion

The French have always made even the most mundane things appear artistic. From gastronomy to couture, the French are renowned for being, well haute! Also, being one of the most open minded nations out there helps with fashion does it not? Maybe that is the reason; the Festival de Cannes gets more and more interesting […]

Of Art, Music, Awards & Style – Fashion…

In order to be irreplaceable, One must always be Different! -Coco Chanel     We agree! Fashion may be evolutionary, but style, well, it never goes out of style! And NOW, today, this is becoming apparent. The precepts of fashion are evolving; no longer is it confined to the ‘hallowed’ runways. Now, fashion is created […]

6 Fashion bags to Follow This Season for…

Branded bags and quality luggage has arrived! Now is the time when every little detail- from a dainty hairpin to the right bag is vital to look modern. With the growing influence of fashion consciousness and rising expendable incomes, bags have become a status symbol. The global luggage and leather goods industry is expected to […]

Trend Tales @ Lakme Fashion Week

Street style is like the pulse of fashion. And fashion weeks are when the best and the brightest shine out. When it comes to ‘street style,’ we think that these styles are the ones that will rock the runways and the roadways at the same time.

Flawless Eyewear Trends for this summer!

This iconic image from Breakfast at Tiffany’s has taken over the active imagination of people all over the world. It has, literally changed and broken many stereotypes about fashion. Since we are a part of the fashion industry, at Intelligence Node, this image has three takeaways for us: One, the lady herself!

Color Trends : Spring London Fashion Week 2015

Fashion Trends @ London Fashion Week Spring 2015… At IntelligenceNODE, we have been checking out the various trends that are ruling the runways this year. And yes, we can see just how quickly these are spreading! We combed the rich and the famous (online of course) – Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar- Thank you for […]

Warm, Russet, Sunset- Trend Spotting!

The recent New York & London Fashion Weeks 2015 happened in February this year. They were of course a visual treat; they always are. But Fashion shows have always been more about business than anything else. No, we are not cynical; we don’t wish to take away from your “shopaholic paradise” dreams. But fact is […]