Leap of Faith…

To ‘believe’ or not to ‘believe’- that is the question when it comes to God. Our reality has become so very miraculous these days; that believing in God takes a backseat. We think we can do everything by ourselves.

Does God really exist, though?

This is a very popular question that religions all over the world claim to have an answer to. Most people believe in a higher force that is the basis of all creation. Different religions have given this force various names. But they all agree that it is God.

The eternal soul which is nothing and nowhere, because it is in everyone and everywhere at once- that is God, it seems. In today’s world, we see miracles happen every day, thanks to our advances in science and technology.

The idea of God, it seems, brings out the best in us. But many of us think with single minded focus on God. We want God to solve our problems, give us everything we require and so we give offerings and other things that we think will please God. We are God fearing people. We ascribe qualities to God that we are ourselves guilty of possessing. Do we abstain from doing something morally wrong because we think it will be a curse on humanity? Or because we fear God’s retribution?

Let us examine the concept of God- We are all, as a believer would say, God’s creations. But, when we see a fellow human being, do we see his or her creator in the creation? Not really… We just see the person, the outer shell, the body, and we also judge accordingly. We say that God created everyone as equals- and yet we live in a society that regularly discriminates between people based on gender, color, class, and so many other parameters.

There are many instances in the history of our world where we have passed off discrimination as God’s wish. But if God is the creator, the father or mother, would he or she truly divide us based on various things that make us unique?

In fact, there is a very interesting anecdote about the existence of God and Albert Einstein’s reply when asked about evil in God’s world.

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