Why the Future of Furnishings is Online…

Remember that iconic episode in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, when Monica is finally wrapping up that apartment of hers so that she and Chandler can get married and move in together? The whole gang of friends had moments that belonged in that home- and letting it go- even for something better, was enough to create mixed emotions, not only on screen, but in the viewers’ minds as well.

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Glimpses- Fashion, Amazon Indian Fashion Week, Data Derivatives

Fantasy, fiction, flirty or flighty, The Amazon Indian Fashion Week in the capital was a delight! And compelling enough, that we have to talk about it!

There was a lot of reinvention at the Amazon Fashion Week. Amazon.in, the Indian portal by the International E tail giant, has been taking baby steps in terms of fashion and apparel in India. But the fashion week was not a baby step, it was a giant leap. And a huge success!

The opening show itself, by Rajesh Pratap Singh, was ‘dauntingly haunting.’ With models dressed in monochromes, the attention was on hospital beds and blood stain colors.

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