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The Elusive Elevator Pitch and Other Things…

What is the one thing you would tell Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos or Larry Page & Sergey Brin if you are riding the same lift, together? You have less than 10 seconds to think, formulate words and speak up. What would you tell them, if you wanted them to hire you- on the spot, without a doubt?


Now twist the question a bit, what would you- the retailer and CEO of a growing eCommerce company want to hear from a stranger- that will make you go- I want this guy/girl on my team, right now?

To most people in any industry today, this question is extremely relevant. Do you need to be street smart? Quick on the uptake? Do you need to suck up by mentioning the name of a mutual connection? Do you need to show that ‘hot bod’ you have worked for- hoping your looks will do the talking? Do you need to start speaking jargon- a spiel of words that demonstrate your degrees? Do you need to advertise your college or uni to get their interest piqued?

This reminds us of that famous story- the one where a soldier boasted his list of ‘awing’ experiences to Napoleon Bonaparte, hoping that he would get a chance to fight the battles alongside the famous Frenchman. The great leader replied with one question-“Are You Lucky?”




As a retailer, this is equally relevant for you. When you are hiring, or not, for that matter, you can see that people have moulded themselves into boxes even before they reach the interviewer. And you can, in those crucial 8 seconds (the elevator pitch moment)- decide if your team will benefit from the new guy or not.

At IntelligenceNODE, we work with disruptive organizations that recreate the maps of systems. This has allowed us to observe the upcoming eCommerce market with an eagle eye.

In order to create a great team, which leverages their own intellectual resources in working towards creating a great company, an entrepreneur needs to get the right image across. You, dear retailer, need to show these great people, who will soon become your team, why they must find you.

And what better ways to do this then use the best, free tools available to you? Social media is the best way to create a buzz about any product or service. But social media today is so very competitive. How can you leverage it without compromising on your end goals? How can you utilize these free tools when the MNCs and Multinationals are pumping huge annual budgets in developing their on-line market?

Hiring a digital agency is great; but the whole point of using social media is kind of defeated when you have to allocate a separate budget just for that right? So what to do? Well the answer lies in insights. There are general insights that the web guides you toward with your own experience. And then there are other insights that you may never have thought of consciously.

For example:

Quite a few experts will tell you that using Facebook is great if you have good photos or visuals; and you want to win trust- possible through networking when a friend follows your page, similar friends may join. Facebook is great when you want to build a community of people who like your product.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is great for B2B marketing. Be it white papers, industry discussions, tech know how, etc, you will find people with skills as well as connections on LinkedIn.

Twitter can instantly connect you with influencers, thought leaders, etc, giving you a chance to express your position. Instagram and Pinterest are for visual communication. Let’s not forget just how powerful collaborative media is today. In fact, Twitter accounted for 0.87% of the $ 145 billion digital advertising global industry.

But knowing all of this is useless if you do not know of the distance between your product and your audience. That grey area, where perceptions can help your product become successful. You are, like we keep saying, very lucky dear retailer. You live in the age of Big Data.

Data analysis can literally tell you what should be your strategy. From the big decisions to the teeny ones. From the really tough questions to the really silly ones. All of it can be answered through data analysis. All you need to do is gather all that data which you have collected (just being a part of the eCommerce sphere gives you the chance to get a lot of data) and make sense of it. That’s all!

Deriving insights is simply a matter of seeing which networking site trumps others- how many people like your pages or presence on social media and how do they perceive these. And design your content accordingly.

After all, if consumer is king, content is queen!

And both are the foundation pillars of any successful eCommerce organization. The social media story is constantly evolving. The challenge then is to adapt at the right time, with the right solutions. And we love assisting you in this endeavour.

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