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The Promise of Large Retail Sales- Webrooming

You wish to buy new boots; you have been looking for a good design sometime now. You trawl various online marketplaces, looking for options, prices and ideas. You select a few popular brands; add them to your wish list on many of your favorite websites. You narrow down you list to three possible choices.

Now you are sure that you will buy one of the three pairs this weekend. Why weekend? Because that is when you can go to the mall of course! You can go to your favorite shop, try out a few other pairs just for fun, and finally get that coveted pair of boots too! And the trip to the mall means checking out all the new stuff, in person and even splurging a little more than you initially intended. All in all, a good day, then.

If you have done this, you will be pleased to know, you are not alone. There are many who check out products online, but end up buying at brick and mortar stores. The marketers have a new buzz word for what you are doing. They call it ‘webrooming.’

Webrooming is become very popular these days. In fact latest stats claim that, in the U.S., 88% of people webroom, while 73% showroom. Sounds weird, that while the world is moving towards ecommerce, people are actually doing something like this. Webrooming is a spin on the common company practice of showrooming, where brands display products and services at locations for shoppers to browse.

This might sound like buzz kill for etailers, who are aiming to get their products out in the open with online marketing and social media. But hardly do customers wait for approval on their shopping methods.

It is therefore, imperative for e-marketers to create a visual and user friendly mobile browsing experience that engages webroomers as well. Retailers today are stuck between showrooming and webrooming. The trick is to identify the customers’ intentions, without compromising sales or brand image. Sounds rather difficult? But impossible, not!

The takeaway for retailers is that shoppers expect the customer experience to be continuous across all channels. At IntelligenceNODE, we believe that customer engagement and retention are two important aspects of business for any retailer. To that end, we provide insights into how the modern consumer can be understood.

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