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Trend Tales @ Lakme Fashion Week

Street style is like the pulse of fashion. And fashion weeks are when the best and the brightest shine out. When it comes to ‘street style,’ we think that these styles are the ones that will rock the runways and the roadways at the same time.

At IntelligenceNODE, we work with the creators of fashion- the eTailers, the retailers and the bevy of people involved in making fashion affordable to the masses. And the Lakme India Fashion Week (Summer/Resort 2015) was a great indicator of where the world is heading.

We observed a few popular ‘isms’ that seemed to be in every fashionistas’ wardrobe; and their looks were inspired by these pieces as well. Come with us and view what will be- in the minds of the ladies and lasses shopping at your stores!

“Summer is coming” and any smart lady knows that she needs to protect those eyes; But how to look stylish at the same time? A trend that seemes to work well with the season is- (in Barney Stinson style) “Sun-wait for it- glasses.”


Many of the lovely ladies have been seen sporting a cool pair of sunnies. The question is- are they trying to beat the heat? Or just being awesome? We loved this look worn by Chandni Sareen, Fashion Stylist. The cool cape type jacket adds a cool new dimension to the look, non?


So yes, it’s summer. And it’s hot, hot, hot! Wearing boots in summer? Why not? The ladies prove that when it comes to fashion, they know how to put their best, boot clad foot forward. Quite a few were spotted wearing boots that rocked their look.


We also saw the famous culottes! Loose pants, drawstring pants and all around comfy looks put together to bring out the summery casual style that we love to see on the streets. Relaxed, loose, and washed down tones, with a dash of colour.


A successfully worn accessory, a little trinket, a statement neck piece that screamed sophistication. It ain’t difficult to the wow the crowds with effortless chic. But these looks are hardly effortless! There is a lot of work that goes behind these.




Images Courtesy: Ankita Chandra. Vogue India

These carefully constructed, curated looks are a direct result of well thought out concepts. International trends, shoppers’ choices, availability of materials, common silhouettes, skin tones, make up mixes- all of these form a circular pattern. One that makes style possible, affordable and beautiful.


And you dear retailer, are heavily involved in this process. You are, essentially, the ones who make fashion available to a large number of people; including the fashionistas and the whole fashion industry.

To make fashion, well ‘fashion’ is your trade. There are a host of questions that we hear when talking of commercializing trends or marketing from the runways.

Popular questions include, “Just how to be sure that all those fashion pundits are not advising us on popular trends which are just their whims? What is the best way to decide which trend will pick up, with certainty? What is feasible when it comes to mass production/distribution? What price ranges should I focus on? As a retailer, there is a level of risk involved in stocking premium or luxury items. Do I still stock them? Are brand extensions (not just apparel, but accessories like jewellery, stoles, etc) from the same designer or brand going to work in the current climate?

Any hardened retailer like you knows there are risks. And you are always prepared to deal with them, as far as the accounts books show rising credits. We know, as a retailer, you are very aware of the industry- from the taxes on raw materials to the taxes that your customers pay. In spite of this, you still experience uncertainty and doubt at times.

When there seem to be no answers, worry not! Just dig a little deeper. You will strike gold. In a world so full of competition, there is, literally, no room for doubt. You cannot afford to be wrong- even by just 0.99 percent. You MUST be sure.

This is doubly true for etailers. And this is where we hit the meat of the matter. Data and practice. With all that data you have gathered, you can tell, with certainty, what the next step would be.

And fashion on the ramp may not always be cool for normal people. They may not always have the time to prep themselves to get that perfect, co-ordinated look. And you, as the retailer, are very aware of this. This is probably why select apparel from AND (Anita Dongre), or Mirage (Myntra Apparel) or Marquee (Karan Johar & Vero Moda), Global Desi (Anita Dongre), etc. is created.


You can tell that your customers’ basket sizes will grow. That they will shop with a particular budget. That they will shop at this time of the year. You will know your own inventories or your partners’ inventories will support a particular trend. And another partners’ inventories will bring that something extra to your market.

You can know so much more- just by analysing the little data you have already. A little sense, a lot of data, a little brilliance, and surprisingly short amounts of time to get the work done in. That is what we are working towards today. As they say, “Ask, and Ye Shall Receive!”

We believe that the time is NOW, to completely revolutionize mindsets and make your business as personal as possible!