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Warm, Russet, Sunset- Trend Spotting!

The recent New York & London Fashion Weeks 2015 happened in February this year. They were of course a visual treat; they always are. But Fashion shows have always been more about business than anything else.

No, we are not cynical; we don’t wish to take away from your “shopaholic paradise” dreams. But fact is that every fashion show is about minting more money. For -the designers, the models, the make- up artists, and the whole bevy of people that are involved in this industry are trying to create something that will be, eventually, visible on the streets.

Be it the chic street style of Paris, the professional and made to measure style of London, or the entirely different and versatile fashion of New York- all of these are seen on the street! That is an indication of the subtly advertised fact that you may be creating and selling exclusive designs to a select few- but a select few do not a modern fashion house make.

And so, at Intelligence Node, we watch out for those little quirks- a fringed clutch, a peach trim overcoat, a mink fur collar on a pink dress, a quirky aqua colored boot, a feathered sleeve, an embellished leather skirt- these are just parts of the looks seen on the runways. But they are such parts that we think will eventually transfer to the departmental stores and boutiques.

We think today the perfect places to trend spot are not just the runways, and the designer boutiques or the big parties; there are plenty of peeps doing that anyway. We do our trendspotting on Pinterest and Twitter, like the rest of the world who could not reach New York or London in time.

And it is here, on the sacred spree of twitter trails, that we found the preference for the color “orange” growing drastically. Ever since NYFW & LFW 2015, Orange and shades of orange have been in. One week after the Fashion Weeks is all it took for a rage of orange to spread- so much so that ecommerce too is seeing their fair share of the warm, bright color.


We had been randomly looking at dresses (western ones) on our portal, in conjunction with the fashion weeks- and astoundingly- the tweeple are not the only ones who swear by orange. The color of the season is visible on our trending feature too!

Just, FYI, we are a data analytics lab specializing in retail. And we heart fashion- because that is what our clients as well as you, the retailer, are great at making. So back to orange- let us just show you. Look at these numbers-

The top trending attributes, according to our portal, in the color section- preference of orange has been rising. Just last week, orange was at 11.4%. This is astounding because these numbers arrived immediately after the LFW.


And last month- the month of February- orange has been trending; non-stop.


This is a direct result of the constant creating and recycling of information online. We are glassy eyed just thinking of the implications- what does this mean for you dear retailer? Let us extrapolate: apart from instantaneous information and awesome marketing opportunities; it means that in effect, you too can create trends; Let us shape the future of fashion together, then!