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Deep Product Insights

Intelligence Node maps every single aspect of each product across hundreds of retailers in different geographical regions to give you a bird’s eye view on every single SKU in the retail context.

Tracking across the globe

Integrate our globally sourced data with your regional business data to make informed decisions about planning, pricing, and assortment. Go Glocal with one eye on the bigger picture at every instance of retail decision-making.


Exact & Similar Matches

We give you a comprehensive data engine that picks the exact and similar products relevant in driving your customer's buying behavior. Compare and find out where your products stand in the competitive landscape in terms of visibility, pricing, discounting and other attributes.

Compare with Competitors

Discover & map products that would influence your customers to choose between your product and the rest. See how you can stand out using real-time visibility, attribute and price differentiators.


Identify Gaps & Opportunities

Our data analytics crawls your competition’s data to prompt actionable insights that can help you capitalize on every micro movement and change. Spot gaps before anyone else and make the most unrealised opportunities at every level.



Product - Adidas Gazelle shoe

Some highlights from the case study:

  • Was first available on in 2011.
  • This product is seen on at least 9 retailers' websites.
  • Many retailers show a steady but slow decrease in pricing.

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Product - Dell Inspiron i3552-4042BLK 15.6 Inch Laptop

Some highlights from the case study:

  • This exact product can be found in more than 7 countries across the globe.
  • HP and ASUS have laptops with the same configuration.
  • How pricing differs between retailers in the same country.

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Product - Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair

Some highlights from the case study:

  • Although similar products are available, within them, height is a major difference, while seat depth and width have marginal difference.
  • The Herman Miller chair is significantly lighter in weight compared to others in the same space.
  • The price usually remains stable across retailers.

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Product - Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

Some highlights from the case study:

  • Popular everywhere around the world including countries like Japan, Malaysia and Spain.
  • A competitor offers a gluten-free organic chocolate syrup.
  • This product is usually not discounted.

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Product - Gucci Bamboo Eau De Parfum Spray

Some highlights from the case study:

  • There are many similar floral fragrances in this price range.
  • Macy's has never discounted this product.
  • It is stocked by retailers such as Lazada, Rakuten and Taobao.

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At Intelligence Node, data is at the heart of everything but what makes it truly intelligent is the complexity of problems we solve with it daily.

Slavcho Ivanov, Head of Engineering at Intelligence Node

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