Retailers prepare to hike prices by at least 5% after Christmas as pound plunges below 'Project Fear' forecasts

Retailers prepare to hike..

Retailers are poised to impose a wave of price rises that could add 5 per cent to shopping bills in the new year after the pound plunged by more than the worst forecast of so-called 'Project Fear'

By Neil Craven on 15th October 2016

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Are Retail Stores, Drive-Through Pickup Key To Amazon's Growth?

Are Retail Stores, Drive-Through Pickup Key To Amazon's Growth?

Indications that Amazon (AMZN) is deploying plans where customers can order groceries online and pick them up at a company facility could add billions in revenue to the e-commerce giant, says Pacific Crest Securities.

By Brian Deagon on 21st September 2016

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Over 70% of retailers don't know where your data is

Over 70% of retailers don't know where your data is

A new study released this week has found that a staggering number of UK retailers do not meet customer privacy standards. New research carried out by Compuware has found that 77 per cent of retailers don’t know how they will respond to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By Ben Stevens on 13th September 2016

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Why are retailers struggling with Big Data?

Why are retailers struggling with Big Data

When RSR recently asked retailers about the status of capabilities related to capturing and analyzing Big Data, we found that no capability was reported to have been "implemented" by up to 50 percent of retailers and less than a quarter claimed to be "satisfied" with what they had implemented.

By Brian Kilcourse on 12th September 2016

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Deep Discounts or Everyday Low Prices: Which Strategy do Consumers Prefer?

Discounts in shops

If you’re a retailer in the twenty-first century, chances are that you’ve come across the terms ‘deep discounts’ and ‘everyday low prices.’ Convenience stores, e-retailers, and brick and mortar stores alike face this dilemma; to go with consistently lower prices, or try an ad campaign with occasional sales and promo offers.

By Yasen Dimitrov on 18th August 2016

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The 'smart' clothes left languishing in wardrobes that can text their owner to say: Wear me!

Clothes hanging inside wardrobe

We all have long-forgotten clothes gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe. But new technology could see the end of that, with the garments themselves giving owners a gentle reminder of their existence.

By Alexander Holmes For The Daily Mail on 6th August 2016

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How Amazon Adapted Its Business Model to India

Amazon India Market

A recent Google/A.T. Kearney study predicts online retailing in India will expand to 175 million shoppers — three times the current number — by 2020. E-commerce is widely expected to exceed $100 billion by that same year.

By Vijay Govindaraj and Anita Warren from on 20th July 2016

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Here's What's Wrong With Department Stores

macys sears Jcpenney troubled

Despite indicators that consumers are gaining confidence (though they are mixed indicators at best), and despite the fact that retailers are working hard to adjust to a more digital consumer, department stores do not seem to be reaping any benefits from their efforts.

By Nikki Baird from Forbes on 2nd June 2016

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5 reasons we fall in love with customer service

best customer service

Every great love story has a “moment”— the exact place and time when people go from being strangers or friends to being madly in love. It’s the spark of every crush and the beginning of every romance. These magic moments also happen in customer service. ccording to the social feeds of hundreds of consumers, they’ve “fallen in love” with brands during exceptional customer support interactions.

By Zendesk

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Retailers In A Race To The Bottom (And How To Stop It)

macro economic trends

At Shoptalk, a retail conference held last week in Las Vegas, the word “beneficent” was a introduced during the closing keynote. Beneficent: Doing good or causing good to be done; conferring benefits; kindly in action or purpose. What does this have to do with retail? A lot has been said about why retailers are melting down, some of it true and some of it speculative.

By Laura Heller from Forbes on 24th May 2016

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