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The 'smart' clothes left languishing in wardrobes that can text their owner to say: Wear me!

Clothes hanging inside wardrobe

We all have long-forgotten clothes gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe. But new technology could see the end of that, with the garments themselves giving owners a gentle reminder of their existence.

By Alexander Holmes For The Daily Mail on 6th August 2016

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How Amazon Adapted Its Business Model to India

Amazon India Market

A recent Google/A.T. Kearney study predicts online retailing in India will expand to 175 million shoppers — three times the current number — by 2020. E-commerce is widely expected to exceed $100 billion by that same year.

By Vijay Govindaraj and Anita Warren from on 20th July 2016

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Here's What's Wrong With Department Stores

macys sears Jcpenney troubled

Despite indicators that consumers are gaining confidence (though they are mixed indicators at best), and despite the fact that retailers are working hard to adjust to a more digital consumer, department stores do not seem to be reaping any benefits from their efforts.

By Nikki Baird from Forbes on 2nd June 2016

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5 reasons we fall in love with customer service

best customer service

Every great love story has a “moment”— the exact place and time when people go from being strangers or friends to being madly in love. It’s the spark of every crush and the beginning of every romance. These magic moments also happen in customer service. ccording to the social feeds of hundreds of consumers, they’ve “fallen in love” with brands during exceptional customer support interactions.

By Zendesk

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Retailers In A Race To The Bottom (And How To Stop It)

macro economic trends

At Shoptalk, a retail conference held last week in Las Vegas, the word “beneficent” was a introduced during the closing keynote. Beneficent: Doing good or causing good to be done; conferring benefits; kindly in action or purpose. What does this have to do with retail? A lot has been said about why retailers are melting down, some of it true and some of it speculative.

By Laura Heller from Forbes on 24th May 2016

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Why consumer generated content could be a boon for brands

pictures boon brands

Thanks to the rise of smartphones, everyone is a photographer these days. That could be a major help to some retailers. In the U.S. alone, there are some 190.5 million smartphone users of all ages—73.4% of internet users and 59.3% of the population, according to eMarketer. By 2019, the smartphone audience will reach 236.8 million, or 85.5% of internet users and 71.4% of all consumers in the country. And all those smartphones, tiny as they are, sport really good lenses and superb sensors.

By Retail Dive on 23rd May 2016

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With Subscription Beauty Boxes, Rules of E-Commerce Don’t Apply

birchbox subscription

The multibillion-dollar industry is powered by complex packing and shipping, often performed manually from sprawling warehouses. They must receive and store batches of entirely new products each month. When it’s time to ship, the products are lined up along conveyor belts so workers can arrange them in the exact same formation tens—or hundreds—of thousands of times during a frenzied week of packing.

By The Wall Street Journal on 19th May 2016

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What did Google’s last search results change mean for retailers?

Google new search

Retailers’ impressions declined 15% after Google eliminated 30% of its paid search placements in February. When Google removed three ads, or 30% of the ad inventory, from desktop search results pages in February, many expected cost-per-click prices to soar, according to new analysis of Adobe Digital Index data. The search giant’s largest advertisers are reaping the benefits of the change.

By Zak Stambor - Internet Retailer on 11th May 2016

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How Analytics is Predicting the Fate of Jon Snow (and the Next to Die on Game of Thrones)

Analytics game of thrones Image

As long as the Internet has been around, there have been people comparing and compiling details about every topic of interest across the globe, cramming the data into wikis, building web pages chock full of facts, and using it to one-up each other on message boards. It’s how we’ve arrived at information banks like IMDB, Wikipedia, and Numbeo.One of these massive online collections is the Wiki of Ice and Fire, a fan-created website based on George R.R. Martin.

By Salesforce on 22nd April 2016

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Offline Escape and the Future of Retail

coachella music festival

In July of 2015, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival hit a milestone. Sales exceeded $84.25 million with 198,000 tickets sold — a record for the event that’s only been in existence since 1999. Attendance records are nothing new for Coachella. It has beaten its own benchmarks consecutively in each of the last four years. Coachella’s success isn’t unique either. Lollapalooza, The Governors Ball and Bonnaroo have all enjoyed similar exponential growth.

By Business Of Fashion on 18th April 2016

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