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Optimize Margins Estimate Smart Price Historical Data 360° Pricing
Retail Pricing On Auto-Pilot

Inoptimizer® helps retail companies achieve real-time price optimization, and drive operational efficiency and growth. Save time, money and effort by optimizing your entire retail lifecycle. Give shoppers the best value with our automated retail pricing solution, smart inventory management and recommendations to upsell and cross-sell.

pricing on auto-pilot
optimize price
Estimate Smart Price

Free up your time for other aspects of your business, knowing that your crucial pricing decisions are being optimized for you by the experts. Come up with the best strategies, stay ahead of market trends, and achieve the highest possible profit margins.

estimate smart price
historical data
Historical Data

Trace back a product's pricing history to as far as 4 years. View day-by-day price of a product for a specific period and look up similar and exact products in the past, and backtest product pricing strategies.

360° Pricing

Get insights on the pricing dynamics for any product with a URL or a product ID.
Whether it’s price elasticity, inventory levels, or competitive pricing, see how it fares against the recommended levels.

360 pricing
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