Pricing: Be sure your price is right

Pricing optimization is a big data analytics solution that helps you determine how shoppers will respond to different product pricing levels, which can maximize sales and profitability.

Millennials are hyper-aware shoppers who know the best prices before they shop; online retailers need to adapt to attractthese savvy consumers. Gain real-time market visibility with tools like Incompetitor™. It helps you benchmark your pricing so you stay on top of your competitors' price movements and catalog changes. Our pricing data can help you make timely markdowns to beat your competitors' deals - or mark up the prices to take advantage when your rivals have out-of-stock inventory, maximizing your margins.

Nail your pricing

Our pricing intelligence data helps you identify the best price per SKU to maximize revenue. Ensure your products are competitively priced at all times, and discover the impact of seasonal and promotional discounts. Our pricing intelligence helps you make effective SKU level adjustments your pricing is both attractive and lucrative.


Increase revenue, simplify your pricing strategy and reduce your pricing efforts
with ourprice optimization, competitive pricing analysis and price management solutions. Our smart crawling framework captures pricing trends of products across multiple categories on retail platforms worldwide, so you never need to guess what consumers will pay.

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