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As the Seasons Turn, Turn, Turn: Seasonal Sales Strategies for Online Stores


Without fail, sleigh bells start ringing in the final quarter of each year, and yet, the holiday season doesn’t simply end with “Auld Lang Syne.” When it comes to sales cycles, there’s typically some seasonal angle your business should be taking at any given time of year. Whether that extends to something as broad as the beginning of summer or the ever-popular back-to-school season, there are countless ways in which you can capitalize on the changing calendar.

Exactly which seasons you hone in on will, of course, depend on the nature of your business. It can be useful to build out a calendar of observances that are relevant to your industry in advance. Regardless of what works best for you, adjusting your strategy accordingly is an important step in fostering long-term relationships with your loyal customer base.

What You Need to Know for Seasonal Sales Strategies

Even though your business will interpret which designated “seasons” are integral based on the specifics of your industry, certain unalienable principles are essential in crafting a seasonal sales strategy for any online store. These tips and tricks can help guide you through the fundamentals you can use to beef up your company’s approach to seasonal sales.

Begin marketing early

Whenever you’re planning a seasonal event, the clock is ticking. So be sure to allow time for word of mouth to gain steam beforehand when planning your marketing campaign. The longer you wait, the more competition you’ll face. Start promoting sales at least a week in advance, but leave a minimum of two to three weeks for larger events.

Keep up the momentum

Since many sites run into difficulty making a dramatic shift in its inventory, instead you should ease into the transition. Gradually integrate seasonal products into your existing stock so that you never have to face an awkward adjustment phase, and your inventory directly reflects the focus of your marketing campaign.

Ramp up customer support

In the best case scenario, a seasonal event will result in a significant boost to sales. Then more than ever, it’s essential to retain your focus on the customer experience. Bulk up your staff for the season if necessary, and be sure to accommodate the increased volume with a chat feature on your site to address any issues and shipping options to allow for timely delivery of seasonal packages.

Hone in on a theme

For your marketing campaign to have maximum effect, you really do need a theme to hang your messaging on. Oftentimes, this will be as easy as tying your sale or event in with holidays like Valentine’s Day or Fourth of July. However, it’s key to design a thematic strategy to hold it all together and really sell the concept to customers.

Remember to foster customer relationships

Although the end goal is to boost sales, don’t let your customer relationships take a backseat during seasonal sales events. Throughout your marketing, highlight your appreciation for customers’ loyalty, especially during the holiday season. Heartwarming messages go a long way toward building long-term success and can help your other efforts resonate on an emotional level.

Choose the right products

To some, this may go without saying, but the significance behind this one certainly bears repeating. Without the right products in stock, the rest of your efforts are entirely futile.Emphasize top-sellers and bank on the volume that will inevitably follow them. That’s how seasonal campaigns translate into big business.

Seasons’ Greetings

Whatever season you’re preparing your business for, remember not to rush into a marketing campaign. Seasonal sales strategies are among the most difficult to execute properly in large part due to the time sensitivity of the whole endeavor. However, with these can’t-miss tips in your corner, you’re that much closer to translating that next seasonal event into a watershed moment for your company.

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