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8 Ways to Create an Unstoppable eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Whereas businesses with a brick-and-mortar location naturally centralize their marketing efforts on their physical presence, the world of eCommerce faces an entirely different set of challenges. As much as having an online retail business provides significant flexibility, it also means that a business essentially lives or dies by how much it connects with consumers; a feat made far more complex given the ubiquitous role of eCommerce in everyday life. However, with the right planning and detailed eCommerce marketing strategy, an eCommerce business can break through and reach its target audience.

Let’s Kick Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy Up A Notch

Strategize Upfront

It should go without saying that strategy is best implemented before any real action has been taken. If your eCommerce business is already well underway, don’t panic. You’re far better off taking a more strategic approach later than not at all. That being said, formulate a distinct plan for how you will reach your target customers and, perhaps even more importantly, clearly determine who your audience is. Set goals for yourself and be sure to keep yourself accountable.

Engage in Social Media

Some professionals continue to balk at the notion that their business needs to have a solid social media presence in order to reach consumers. Let’s clear this up right now: if you intend to grow your audience, you absolutely need to participate in the most popular form of communication and expression in the world right now. Not only is this your opportunity to develop your brand identity (more on that in a bit), but it also gives you direct access to your customers, allowing you to interact.

Don’t Forget to Upsell

Everyone knows the classic example of being asked by some fast food restaurant employee if they’d like to transform that burger and fries into a combo meal for just an extra dollar. This sales technique works like gangbuster across countless industries and may deliver similar results for your eCommerce business. Exactly what your upsell offer will be may differ — a premium version of your signature product, for instance — but there’s no reason upselling shouldn’t be an integral part of your process.

Build Your Brand

As mentioned above, social media is a key part of your eCommerce company’s online identity. Still, there’s a lot more to it than just that. Fine tune your messaging and mission statement, and ensure that both are communicated effectively to your target customers. Also, keep in mind that the internet opens up a lot more transparency for customer reviews and reactions to companies. It’s worth it to make some extra effort to keep your customers happy with the level of service you provide.

Personalize As Much As Possible

It’s a mobile world, and a big part of why smartphones and mobile apps are so popular is that they offer a wholly personalized level of service. Your eCommerce business needs to follow suit. Allow visitors to your site to create their own profile and feed their interest in your business with offers and promotions that directly tie into their search activity and purchase history. With today’s technology, tracking such data and developing product suggestions based off of it is easier than ever.

Invest Resources in Testing

None of your valiant efforts to generate buzz (and, of course, business) through sharper marketing efforts will make a difference if some ineffable flaw in your approach is getting in the way. Without testing (the most popular of which is A/B testing) continually keeping track of your performance, you’ll never know what needs work. The user experience needs to always remain paramount, and testing can help pinpoint how to better serve visitors to your site.

Sharpen Your SEO

Whenever most consumers need access to a product or service to fulfill their needs, their most likely first step is to do an online search. For this reason, you need to ensure that your eCommerce site is optimized for search engines like Google. Keyword research and keeping your eye on trends may seem tedious, but they can help direct interested parties to your site, inevitably leading to an influx of business. All because you took the time to make your site as searchable as possible!

Promote a Customer Loyalty Program

In addition to the principles we’ve already discussed, introducing a customer loyalty program to your eCommerce business can keep customers coming back again and again. It can even be combined with personalized services to create a true sense of connection and unparalleled allegiance between your business and customers, who will have ever more reason to continue purchasing your product or service whenever the need arises.

Let’s Get Started

You know that your eCommerce site has what it takes to make an impact within your industry, so let’s get started! After all, it’s why you got into this business in the first place. With any luck, the above tips can help you reach your eCommerce goals and maximize the chance that the right people will find your product or service during their next online search.

Although marketing isn’t always an easy road, it is most certainly worth the rewards it will reap with regard to the long-term success of your eCommerce business. Some forethought and well-considered marketing action should be able to boost your revenue and further establish the community that may very well blossom into the long-term customer base you’ve been hoping for since day one.

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