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Undressing Today Men’s Fashion – Trends for this Summer

Summer is here. Well almost over. But as they say, enjoy it while it lasts, right? Summer means cool colours, breezy evenings, shades and drinking out of coconuts. Vacation time! Holidays are the time when people distress, have fun, and generally enjoy life.

When summer is mentioned, fashion too takes a distinctly relaxed flavour. No one cares about proper attire or propriety while on holiday, do they? When we think summer fashion, we inevitably think Adam Sandler or The Hangover.

Which kind of proves the point that fashion is not a female only bastion. Men today are more fashionable than ever. While it may seem to some that variety in men’s fashion is limited, this is just an illusion. The men’s fashion industry is growing every day.

And men are becoming very savvy about looking good. Let us tell you a secret: you don’t need good looks to look good today. All you need is the right clothes- or the right people telling you what to buy.

So yes, we do remember reading about those days in Regency England (courtesy Jane Austen), when men dressed up as elegantly as the ladies. Or the times before the First World War, when men wore wigs and pomades and skin tinctures and created a fashionable look for themselves.

Mad Men proved that any stereotype can be broken after all. According to a 2013 luxury goods study by consulting firm Bain & Company, growth in the market for men’s ready-to-wear has outpaced that of womenswear, increasing between 9 and 13 percent year-on-year.

It is not so surprising today, to hear that the male clothing industry revenue is surpassing that of cameras, computers and even, hold your breath, beer! In fact, Man Trends seem to be as in vogue as female trends. These trends translate straight into revenue for many, including you dear retailer!


At IntelligenceNODE, we are always looking at trend setting soliloquies. And why should girls have all the fun anyway? So here is are the two male archetypes that we think retailers like you benefit from the most- based on our work with trends:

Okay just a disclaimer which has to be said: we are not commenting on sexuality here. Just trends coined out of popular colloquialisms.

The Metro-sexual Male:

Journalist Mark Simpson coined this term referring to urban males who are not only fashion savvy, but fashionable. These urban males- called ‘yummies,’ are perfectly placed to drive fashion sales, especially luxury fashion sales further. They are the exact opposite to the traditional stereotypes. They have, in a way, redefined masculinity.

In fact, these are the men who are known to shop online the most. No long shopping times+ quick decisions + on the go shopping + need to look great + great sense of fashion= more online shopping! Simply put, these men are known for the attention they pay to their toilette, especially online shopping.


The Lumber-sexual Male:

So these guys are similar to the metro sexual ones. But they just look different. This is a classic case of how stereotypes have changed. While the metro sexual man takes pride in looking well groomed, the Lumber sexual man actually grooms himself to ‘appear’ ungroomed.

These are the men who are more into fitness fashion. They think outside the office. Therefore they put efforts in looking natural. This is the guy who would be more comfy wearing jeans and flip flops and carry a backpack that can hold a ‘lumber-axe,’ although all it does hold is his Mac book Air.

Think Silicon Valley, out of the box, disruptive people!



We don’t think all males fall into one of these two categories. But there is a possibility that the modern man confirms to one of these schools of behaviour.

Which is the clincher for any eCommerce company when designing a catalogue for men, online. It is a famous fact, that men are not usually shopaholics (we are not talking about the addicts from Confession of a Shopaholic here). They do not usually like browsing shops for merchandise and trying on ten items. This fact is the main reason why males are more prone to shopping online, more often.

And etailers like you are very aware of this fact. So why do we give it a special mention? Because we find that males today are tearing apart the boxes they have been put into from forever. The breadwinner of the family does not need to look good, just earn properly- that was yesterday’s thought. Today’s young men believe in enjoying their life and are not the only breadwinners. This means a change in attitude as well as higher disposable income for the economy.

This evolution also has brought changes in their buying behaviour. It is easy to understand the choices and interests of each individual consumer and accordingly sell products. This is a sure way to ensure consumer loyalty and stable or growing basket sizes. All you need to do, dear retailer, is analyse the clicks that your app is subject to get. The answers are already there. You just need to ask the correct questions. And we are ready to help you with this task!