Why is Hook™
a big deal for your brand?
A first-of-its-kind AI-driven search &
discovery platform for fashion products.
Real-Time Trends Consumer Data Similar & Exact Matches
Real-Time Trends

Live insights on the trending fashion products can make a monumental difference to assortment and planning strategies. Adapt quickly to make the most of fleeting trends at the right time.

Consumer Data

Bring the voice of consumer into your merchandising decisions. See what people are searching for down to specific keywords, navigation patterns, price points etc. Get access to conversions and cart values.

Similar & Exact Matching Capabilities

Fashion products come with nuanced attributes that influence buying decisions. With Hook’s sophisticated Similarity Engine you can track the exact and closest matches to your product, making it a powerful tool to establish competitive differentiators.

Search for virtually any fashion product from your favorite online shopping destinations.

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