Consumer Attitudes & Market Outlook 2019
What will shape the consumer buying behavior this Holiday season in the face of rising tariff concerns from the ongoing US-China trade war?
Find out in this exclusive survey conducted by Intelligence Node in partnership with Dynata, a global leader in first-party data and data services.
Our AI-powered insights are derived by mapping 1 billion+ unique products, across 130,000+ brands for more than 1,100 categories every day.
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Consumer Attitude & Market Outlook-Holiday Season 2019
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Don't just take our word for it.
"Categories are evolving but the problem we have faced is competition. We need to understand how our category or products are developing versus other categories & competition. This is where Intelligence Node comes in."
Mederic Payne,
CEO, Home Centre
"One of the important features is the multilingual mapping capability. Indonesia is a dominant Bahasa speaking country. Incompetitor has been very useful in pulling information, not only internally with descriptions, but also externally across global brands."
Amit Keswani,
Vice President, MAP
Are you prepared to meet consumer expectations this holiday season?
Learn how the right Price Optimization tool can help you
give your customers the best dealsĀ and protect your margins.
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*This study surveyed 1000 consumers in the market for buying preferences in the week of 11th - 17th August, 2019