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iNcompetitor is the ultimate pricing and assortment data platform for online and offline retailers alike. With no technology integration required, you simply enter in your product information or website and competitor details, and you’re on your way to getting ahead of the competition.

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iNOptimizer uses price and merchandising algorithms to help you adjust your pricing and assortment in order to gain the maximum possible profit margins. It also points out individual product level price efficiencies, product bundling, affinities for cross promotions, store layout and shelving. Giving you the ability to make decisions on the fly with automated re-calibrated A/B testing and competitiveness.

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The Real-time Advantage



Compare by product, catalog, competitors and industry. Monitor products, prices, and assortments across hundreds of retailers in real-time.  Enabling you to make pricing and assortment adjustments on the fly.


iNCompetitor gives you real time alerts, updates and benchmarking of your brand’s performance, pricing, assortment and out of stock status across various retailers and against specific competitors.


iNCompetitor helps track seasonal products and trends for upcoming or ongoing seasons, across competitors and retailers.


Simply enter your website or product, and list your competitors, and voila, see the results!



iNOptimizer identifies products at a group or store level that are candidates for price change or have cross-sell/upsell potential with other relational products based on margin objectives and pricing strategies

COMPETITION doesn’t sleep, neither should you.

iNOptimizer implements price recommendations in a blink of an eye and across multiple online retail platforms through an automated process that reacts to market and competitor changes, all with minimal human intervention.


iNOptimizer integrates with your existing ERP system, giving various departments within your organization the flexibility to react to market changes in real time.


Forecasts and simulates scenarios and trends based on machine learning driven A/B testing, business goals to optimize pricing, assortment and store layout with automated recalibration to accommodate customer behavioural and competitive trends



Success Stories

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“iNCompetitor implementation helped addition of 60+ new brands across categories based on competitive assortment analytics”

Electronics multi brand player

Global fmgc

“iNOptimizer analytics aided in pushing up basked size by 2.6x and reconfiguration of store layouts by modeling product affinity trees for cross-promotion and shelving”

Global FMCG multi brand player

fashion brands image

“iNCompetitor’s merchandising module helped plan new styles for the winter collection by mapping similar product offerings from competition across style, sizing, fabric, colour and pricepoint attributes”

Private label fashion brand

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“iNCompetitor and iNOptimizer -a combination of the two increased sales by 37% by
re-calibrated pricing across 31K SKUs”

Lingerie brand

woman's fashion

“iNCompetitor and iNOptimizer- dual implementation increased repeat-buy retention by 12% Q-on-Q through customer behavioral driven real time promotional campaign”

Women’s online fashion portal

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“iNOptimizer real-time rules based engine established differential price thresholds for free shipping by category”

Multi brand home décor portal

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