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Experience agile pricing on auto-pilot with Intelligence Node’s AI-driven dynamic pricing software. With 10-second data refresh rates, eCommerce price management software helps you review, optimize and manage prices across your SKUs in real-time to grow your product margins and eCommerce profitability.

Dynamic pricing

A Look at Price Optimization Frequency for the US Market

2 mins



US Online market average

270 days

US Offline market average:

Pricing Management

Re-Imagine Price Management With Real-Time Intelligence

94% of shoppers compare prices while making a purchase decision online. This puts the onus on brands and retailers to make sure their online stores offer the most competitive prices, as a superior product alone won’t always make the cut. Leveraging Intelligence Node’s intuitive, AI driven dynamic pricing software can help monitor prices for competitor products across platforms and make pricing decisions to reflect the best prices without sacrificing margins.


10-second Refresh Rates For Quick Response Time

Keep up with the comparison shoppers and stay ahead of your retail rivals.

Our AI dynamic pricing software gives you the flexibility you need to respond to market demands and adjust your pricing in real-time. The pricing management software enables you to make instant data decisions to take advantage of market gaps left by your competitors and convert shoppers into buyers with optimized, dynamic pricing.


"Our dependable integration ensures your pricing stays up-to-date at all times."

The Profitable Power of Now

The retail market is rapidly evolving in real time as internet access influences what consumers buy in stores and online. To adapt to evolving consumer expectations, more retail companies are adopting dynamic pricing strategy. Dynamic pricing is real-time pricing.

It’s hard to keep up with consumers’ omni channel pricing expectations plus competitors’ product pricing strategies. And yet pricing is an essential element consumers consider before buying, making price management absolutely critical to eCommerce success.

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