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AI-driven product intelligence across pricing, assortments, and visibility, for digital-first retailers.

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Retailer Challenges
With Advanced Data

Does your pricing engine give you real-time competitive insights?
Product Matching
Product Matching
Can you match your products with similar and exact competitor SKUs?
Do you have the analytics to track promotions across platforms?
Are you equipped to rank on the 1st page of search & digital shelves?
Are stock outs and excess stock leading to lost revenue?
Can you identify assortment gaps and SKU miscategorization?

Pricing & Promotions

94% of shoppers invest time to find the lowest price online

Pricing & Promotions
Want to offer competitive prices that win you customers?
Price Comparison
Product Matching

Match & Compare Competitor Prices with 99% Accuracy

360° Price Optimization
Historical Pricing

Adjust Prices in Real-time with AI Price Optimization

  • Review and optimize prices of thousands of products every 10 seconds
  • Analyze pricing history to strategize based on historical trends
  • Adjust prices based on demand, competitive prices and market trends
Dynamic Pricing
Rule-based Pricing

Embrace Rule-based Dynamic Pricing

  • Configure pricing rules and thresholds to protect your margins
  • Get pricing dynamics for any product with a URL or a product ID
  • Offer competitive pricing without resorting to deep discounts
Amazon Repricer
Real-time Pricing

Win the Buy Box with AI-driven Smart Repricer

  • Get access to 3P & 1P seller data and price movements in real time
  • Monitor competitor prices and availability on Walmart, Amazon, or eBay
  • Adjust your prices based on the repricing tool’s smart recommendations

Assortment & Inventory Insights

Retailers lose out on nearly $1 trillion in sales every year due to stock outs.
Assortment & Inventory Insights
Curate winning assortments with AI-driven assortment intelligence
Catalog Management
Assortment Benchmarking
Plan, Curate, Optimize Assortments & Catalogs
  • Review and eliminate assortment gaps in your catalog
  • Curate the right assortments based on competitor intelligence
  • Improve the lifetime value of SKUs with Product Lifecycle Analysis
Inventory Availability
Product Re-allocation
Optimize Inventory & Ensure Product Availability
  • Optimize your in stock availability by tracking your sales velocity
  • With Demand Forecasting, maintain optimum inventory levels
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs with SKU rationalization

Why Intelligence Node for Retail Analytics?

matching accuracy
99% product
matching accuracy
refresh rates
10-sec data
refresh rates
Plug & Play
Patented data scraping
across global websites
Global Scope
Retail AI across 6
continents & 100+ languages
Plug & Play
Rapid ROI
Predictive Analytics &
Trend Forecasting

Try Retailer Intelligence today and improve your product visibility and conversions

Digital-Shelf Analytics

Products that move from page 2 to page 1 on search can experience up to 20x increase in sales
Competitor Visibility Tracking
Competitor Visibility Tracking
SEO Insights
Improve Your Online Search Performance
  • Monitor your online visibility across digital shelves and search
  • Track and compare your ranking performance against competitors
  • Identify and optimize non-performing SKUs
Attribute Enrichment
Attribute Enrichment
Content/Image Audit
Optimize Product Content & Visuals
  • Improve your product listings by optimizing content for SEO
  • Enhance your listings with clear, high quality images
  • Identify areas of improvement with 'Product Improvement Score'
Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment Analysis
Performance Tracking
Monitor Customer Reviews & Ratings
  • Identify key product features that add value based on ‘trending words’
  • Monitor and compare against competitor ratings and reviews
  • With the ‘Rating Dashboard’, analyze shopper sentiment
Ready to improve conversions by ranking higher on search results?