Predicting Consumer Demand this Holiday Season with Tariffs…

Intelligence Node recently published a study in partnership with Dynata, surveying more than a thousand US consumers about their thoughts on retail pricing, holiday sales, and how the US-China Trade War would affect them. CEO Sanjeev Sularia talks about the consumer survey data, the uncertainties facing retailers and consumers, and the implications of proposed tariffs […]

Zalando: A Lesson in Retail Pricing and Merchandising

In the competitive world of fashion retail, getting ahead of the pack with consistent spikes in revenue is no easy task. And yet, German-based Zalando has done exactly that with little more than efficient assortment planning and smart pricing tools. While retail merchandising competitors struggled, Zalando outpaced sales predictions In the past quarter alone, the […]

How To Drive Price Perception and Deliver the…

With industry leaders like Walmart, Amazon, and Target setting the standard, matching your prices in real-time is becoming an increasingly difficult task. These big-name brands shrewdly utilize powerful proprietary algorithms to make their offers nearly impossible to beat. Walmart has aggressively speed up its digitization in the last five years to come up to speed […]

Why Prime Day is good for your business

When Amazon first introduced the world to Prime Day back in 2015, they flipped the e-commerce world right on its head. It started simply as a 20th-anniversary celebration promoting their Prime membership but has since ballooned into an event more impactful than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In essence, they took a relatively uneventful sales […]

How To Marie Kondo Your Retail Pricing

Through “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” Marie Kondo has transformed countless lives, both materialistically and psychologically. If only she could transfer that same power over to the e-commerce scene. As it currently stands, most brands’ online sales strategies are somewhat of a mess. Often, you’ll see a disconnect arise when these companies try to […]

Enforcing Your MAP Policy Is Essential for Brand…

With the precarious state of today’s e-commerce landscape, your brand’s reputation is at risk… And so are your profits. As it currently stands, thousands of unchecked resellers are threatening the integrity of online products. By selling at below-listed prices, these resellers put a ceiling on a brand’s sales potential and dig into their margins. The […]

How to Curtail the Deep Discounting Cycle Plaguing…

Amid the grim economic landscape of the recession, many retailers turned to deep discounting as a means to combat weak demand and shrinking profit margins. This provided a much-needed injection of revenue in the depressed market. However, what was intended to be a short-term solution, unintentionally resulted in the establishment of new price norms in […]

Deep-Dive into UK’s Supermarket Assortments Ahead of Brexit

With increasing uncertainty about the impact of Brexit across the United Kingdom, there are major concerns about food security. Prominent UK grocers have increased the cumulative food supply across categories by 80% compared to the previous period. The UK relies on a ‘just in time’ supply chain with other EU countries to receive fresh products […]

Our Data Deep Dive on the US Consumer…

1.92 billion people will make an online purchase in 2019 and contribute to global e-commerce hitting the $3 trillion mark. With U.S. consumer electronics contributing over $70 billion in 2018 and expected to top $95 billion by 2023, it’s worth asking how some of the more prominent electronic categories play into that market growth. The […]