Combating Counterfeit Activities Online And Protecting Your Brand

Threats, Challenges, and Best Practices for Combating Counterfeit Products This blog post was first published on Forbes in April 2021 in the form of two different articles –  Part I & II and is authored by Intelligence Node CEO Sanjeev Sularia in his capacity as a member of the Forbes Tech Council. 2021 is finally […]

How Dyson’s AI Innovation Strategy is winning Customers

Key Lessons from Dyson to Boost Your Direct-To-Consumer Retail Growth Content Summary : Why Dyson’s DTC Strategy Works Take Back Control of Your Brand’s Online Presence How Digitally Advanced Brands Use AI as a Differentiation Strategy How to be a DTC Trailblazer in 2022 Futureproof your Digital Growth with Dyson’s Data Best Practices The strongest […]

How can Next Generation Digital Shelf Technology help you Grow?

The Fight for Customer’s Attention has Intensified   The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of retail forever. eCommerce quickly took the center stage as more brands and retailers were coaxed to move their businesses online or take the omni-channel route. The number of online stores grew rapidly and with that the competition to get in […]