Rebranding Intelligence Node: What This Means for our Customers & Partners

We are excited to announce that we have completed a rebranding exercise that aligns our products and services with the evolving eCommerce landscape. Intelligence Node, a product intelligence platform that empowers online businesses to win customers and grow margins, is now positioned to better communicate our breadth of expertise and the total value of our […]

How can Next Generation Digital Shelf Technology help you Grow?

The Fight for Customer’s Attention has Intensified   The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of retail forever. eCommerce quickly took the center stage as more brands and retailers were coaxed to move their businesses online or take the omni-channel route. The number of online stores grew rapidly and with that the competition to get in […]

5 Steps to Grow Your Alcohol eCommerce Sales

It’s no secret that the pandemic has pushed the needle on alcohol sales across the world, forcing retailers to migrate to digital and omnichannel formats almost overnight. The IWSR reported the largest gain in sales volumes across the US since 2002, with an accelerated adoption rate for online purchases of alcoholic beverages. The lockdown forced […]

Retail Demand Forecasting Start here with Machine learning

The New-Age of Retail & Demand Forecasting  Demand is where it all starts. Whether you want to set up a new business or expand the current one, demand dictates your decisions every step of the way. In retail demand forecasting, many factors are based on demand. For example, assessing risk, inventory planning, capital expenditure, revenue, […]