How to Curtail the Deep Discounting Cycle Plaguing…

Amid the grim economic landscape of the recession, many retailers turned to deep discounting as a means to combat weak demand and shrinking profit margins. This provided a much-needed injection of revenue in the depressed market. However, what was intended to be a short-term solution, unintentionally resulted in the establishment of new price norms in […]

Deep-Dive into UK’s Supermarket Assortments Ahead of Brexit

With increasing uncertainty about the impact of Brexit across the United Kingdom, there are major concerns about food security. Prominent UK grocers have increased the cumulative food supply across categories by 80% compared to the previous period. The UK relies on a ‘just in time’ supply chain with other EU countries to receive fresh products […]

Our Data Deep Dive on the US Consumer…

1.92 billion people will make an online purchase in 2019 and contribute to global e-commerce hitting the $3 trillion mark. With U.S. consumer electronics contributing over $70 billion in 2018 and expected to top $95 billion by 2023, it’s worth asking how some of the more prominent electronic categories play into that market growth. The […]

Who won the 2018 grocery price wars?

2018’s grocery price wars have pitted technology against tradition, convenience against loyalty, and private labels against well-loved brands. Factors abound in determining which brands managed to reach success in this quickly evolving industry. Before crowning any victors in this battle, however, it’s worth answering an essential question first. What constitutes success in the grocery price […]

Retail Planning 2019: Driving Revenues with Technology

The best thing about January is the opportunity to start again, a general optimism for doing better than last year. More so for retail, being one of the hardest hit industries last year. As retailers re-evaluate 2018’s decisions, the overarching theme for Budget ‘19 is ‘uncertainity’, given the current political climate, a looming trade war, […]

Four Things Retailers Need To Unlearn About AI…

Artificial intelligence, like any new technology with the potential to change the world, has inspired a doomsday narrative that seems more plausible each day. With significant strides this decade, AI finally seems to have arrived. Whatever form it takes from here on, one thing is certain: This is a divisive force capable of disruption. Ready […]

How To Optimize Your SKUs & Win Online…

SKU or Stock Keeping Unit is a vital part of your inventory management, it helps you organize and keep track of product information as relevant to your business. SKUs and Their Relevance in Retail Merchandising You sell a large number of products in your shop. Even if you just own one small store, you still […]

A Tour of Intelligence Node’s New Office

Last month, the Intelligence Node team moved to a bigger, swankier office after an impressive year and some major growth spurt. We put in a lot of thought into the design and amenities for our new office space, drawing on the guidance of our friends from Glauben Designs, so we thought we’d take you on […]

How to set fashion prices that fit

As fashion gets faster and more global, it’s also getting more complex and competitive. Many apparel retailers and brands struggle with decisions about which numbers to put on their price tags to ensure they attract enough consumers willing to pay while protecting their brand reputation and profit margins. Let’s look at how today’s most successful […]

How to Classify, Match Products With Machine Learning

Billions of products are sold online, and there are numerous stores selling them. Identifying and matching particular products for various purposes like price comparison, becomes a challenge as there are no obvious global unique identifiers. This is where AI and Machine Learning come in. So Many Products and No Way to Match Them Across Stores […]

The Blood and Guts of Halloween Retail in…

Full disclosure: This post truly is about to spill some guts- nothing gory, of course! We will reveal all the Halloween treats ‘in store’ for retailers this year. And by treats, we’re talking delectable increased sales and profits. What retailers have up their sleeves this Halloween Halloween is an excellent opportunity for retailers to catch […]