Winning Digital Retail with Consumer Centric Pricing

Retail Has Transformed More In a Year Than in the Last 10 2020 was an unprecedented year and left the world in disruption and uncertainty. But, with the social distancing mandates and mandatory home quarantines came the sudden and lasting shift to eCommerce. Let’s look at some numbers that prove the point that retail’s massive […]

Here’s What Brands Can Learn from Nike & Adidas’ Digital Disruption Amidst COVID-19

Examining the increasingly digital, personalized sportswear market. As with many retail sectors, the 2020 sportswear faced some unprecedented changes due to Covid-19 — both from customers and the market at large. For starters, Covid’s impact can be seen in changing customer values. On a surface level, demand for athleisure increased. The pandemic forced stay-at-home orders […]

Adapting to the ‘New Normal’ of the CPG Industry

Table of Content Introduction: Adapting to the ‘New Normal’ of the CPG Industry 5 Key CPG eCommerce Challenges  Top CPG Trends In The New Age Retail Economy Best Practices to Win the Evolving Online CPG Market Conclusion: The Way Forward is Digital There is not one industry or business that wasn’t impacted by the pandemic […]

Are AI Technologies Paving a New Path for Food Retail?

2020 coaxed shoppers to adopt online shopping amidst the pandemic. This popularized eCommerce across all demographics and accelerated the shift to online shopping by years. Food & beverage, grocery, and edible CPG goods too saw a massive uptick in online orders and experienced unprecedented online demand during COVID-19. This trend is definitely here to stay […]