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What is Assortment Planning?

Assortment planning is an opportunity for retail companies to provide a unique variety of products, which consumers actually want to buy. Leverage Intelligence Node’s assortment planning system powered by advanced big data analytics to know what’s hot and what’s not and plan and adjust product offerings profitably, on a daily basis.

4 Best Practices for Curating Online Assortments in the Age of AI

Compare Apples to Apples With AI Assortment Planning Software

Assortment intelligence matters because out-of-stocks frustrate shoppers and excess inventory creates wastes, lost sales and inefficiencies, often due to insufficient market data or ineffective supply chain communication.
What’s worse, different suppliers use different methods to classify their products. Non-standardized product data means everybody’s speaking different languages, making it hard to “compare apples to apples” across hundreds of thousands of products. Our assortment planning software maps all the scraped products into Intelligence Node’s category tree using proprietary machine learning algorithms, creating category standardization for better comparison. We can also use the client’s category tree if required.

Optimize planning

Optimize Your Catalogs In Line With Competitor Offerings

Offer the right catalog to your customers by benchmarking your SKUs against your competitors’. Product catalogs can vary considerably across brands. Our Assortment Optimization software gives you a view from the top to understand where your catalog stands in line with competitor catalogs and at what price points and also suggests the right assortments based on multiple factors like product ratings, reviews, freshness, frequency in price change, product life cycle, competitors’ top selling products, etc. Furthermore, our Catalog X-Ray capability gives you deeper insights into your catalog vs your competition.

Agile Assortment

Switch to Automated, Agile Assortment Planning

Effective assortment plans help companies optimize their offering to sell the variety, quality, and designs shoppers actually want to buy. Competitive, standardized assortment data also helps you identify and correct gaps in your catalog to increase your conversion rate.

Optimize your product assortment and take complete control of your online product merchandising with data to sell the right products to the right audience at the right time. Accurately forecast demands by SKU and calculate the optimum quantity of inventory to meet demand. Our assortment optimization solutions help you track your competitors’ brands, inventory movements and historic trends so your entire supply chain knows which products to sell and helps you maintain the right inventory levels.

Agile Assortment

Rank on Page 1 With Advanced SERP Insights

Along with displaying the right assortments, you need to ensure they rank on search engines and digital shelves for better visibility and higher conversions. Improve your product visibility by combining your assortment planning with SERP optimization. Our assortment optimization software equips you with advanced SEO tools to review and update your product imagery and descriptions and help you rank on the first page of search results.

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