Brand & Price Protection with MAP Monitoring Software

Protect your brand and product margins with Intelligence Node's AI-driven MAP monitoring, enforcement, and compliance solution. With 99% price matching accuracy, real-time notifications, and zip code level tracking, identify price violations, high-risk sellers, and counterfeiters and take corrective action immediately.

competitive price monitoring
MAP Enforecement
Unauthorised Seller Detected

Brands that trust Intelligence Node's MAP Monitoring Software.

Grow & Preserve Margins

Up to 15%

growth in a quarter

Identify & Tackle Violators

24X7 across the globe

even when you're asleep

Monitor sellers

With 99%


Protect your brand
(and profitability)

Gone are the days when your MAP compliance policy could alone serve as a guideline stating terms for pricing, promotion & product representation for resellers. Any brand with an online presence today needs a legally comprehensive, AI-driven MAP enforcement process in place to ensure complete MAP compliance. You need the technology to monitor hundreds and thousands of your brand’s products sold online- that you may not even be aware of- and keep sellers violating your MAP terms in line with timely email intimations; all of this round-the-clock and round-the-globe!

Protect Brand
“ With Intelligence Node we were able to accurately identify multiple price violations at the zip code level within days of going live. These features along with real-time email notifications have made MAP monitoring extremely easy for us to implement & get results fast. ”
Anna B.
Sales Analytics Manager at Nestle
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Of tracked products report MAP violations everyday

$2.6 B

Is lost in revenue from MAP violations in the US alone every year


Average loss in margin for reported violations.


Of sellers online are unauthorized, making MAP monitoring a necessity

$200 M

Cost of retracting counterfeit goods for a single brand

100x less

Control Counterfeits by removing fake goods from the market

Activate AI-powered MAP enforcement

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Get the MAP Monitoring Advantage

  • Boost brand equity, margins, and overall revenue.
  • Identify high-risk sellers and products with at least 99% accuracy.
  • Reduce operational and seller compliance costs by almost half.
  • Prevent counterfeit goods from cannibalizing your market share significantly.
  • Grow & control a robust sales network by converting unregistered sellers into legitimized sellers.

No tech integration needed

Automated Reporting

Customizable alerts and email intimation system

Builts for Real Teams

Intuitive UI. No training needed

Automated Reporting

Customizable alerts and email intimation system

Builts for Real Teams

Intuitive UI. No training needed

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