We crawl the web (like search engines do) for publicly available information on websites of retailers and brands like product name and description, price, promotion, category, attributes etc. We collect, normalize, and analyse this data with our proprietary Deep-learning AI to give clean, standard data to our users.
Most of our products do not need any client data to run, we deliver competitive market data for the websites and brands our clients opt for. Unless you go for our price opimization tools or request for special data reports, though. Then we may ask for internal data on case-by-case basis.
We are proud to have the best refresh rate in the industry. We have the capability to capture data every 10 seconds to give you insights that are as real-time as it gets.
We have an unbeaten 98% accuracy and a 5% recall rate (this means a maximum of 2 out of every 40 'no-match' results would be false negatives). Our category coverage is unparalled- 1300 categories, last we checked.
We are proud to maintain a 98% matching accuracy rate. This covers all products SKUs, private label or otherwise.
Yes, you can! Here are a few case studies where we've used our solutions to pit the same product across retailers in different geographies for price & catalog comparison.
Yes, as the only multitlingual retail anaytics providers in the world right now, we already cover 13 languages.
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We're currently monitoring over 1.5 billion products and we keep adding new brands and categories everyday.
Our dashboards let you look up historical data for upto 2 years.
Our Sales Team can help you there. Get in touch with them to get a quote for the product you're interested in. Prices depend on the number of competiton websites and modules you have opted for.
One month.
Our bespoke services include everything from custom data reports, special APIs, even mobile apps. Our clients like to get creative.
We usually have flat price packages but if you want more websites, our Sales Team can help you with the quote.
Not at the moment. But you and your team can sign up for a free demo and we'll answer as many questions as we can!
Yes. We entertain data requests all the time. But unlimited, real-time access will do wonders for your business.
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Our Sales Team can tell you which modules (if at all) can be bought individually. Please leave a detailed enquiry with us.
Our clients have reported a sales boost by up to 10%, a 15% reduction in operational costs for an in-house data team, and up to 3X revenue growth. The reported growth is quarterly, making us your best bet for the quickest turnaround. We remain the most affordable retail analytics provider in the market.
Yes, we do.
We can. You can access it by opting for our custom APIs. Get in touch with us and we'll connect you to our Amazon expert.
We look at pricing and promotion by examining 4 variables: selling price, discount, MSRP, promotional offers like 2 for 1, and more.
Yes, but you'll need to sign up for a custom dashboard. Send us your exact requirements here.
Yes. Please get in touch with the Sales Team here to share your exact requirements.
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We can give data insights on anything that is sold online. So far we've had clients from Fashion, Beauty, CPG, Pharmaceuticals, Home & Decor, Electronics, Pet Supplies, and Office Supplies.
We work in the Cloud. But we currently have our headquarters in Mumbai and remote offices in London, Dubai and New York.
30 countries in 5 continents. Here's the list:
Yes we do. We use online market data insights and internal data plug-in to serve offline stores.
Check the options in the drop down on this page to find a case study that's relevant to your industry.
Next to none. You will be provided a web login access to the product dashboard of your choosing.
It depends on what product or solution you are going for. It if requires optimization we will need your data as well. Otherwise, we're good.
There is no set up required. Once your subscription is finalized, you will be given the login.
A web browser (Safari/Chrome/ Mozzilla Firefox) and a decent WiFi.
Yes. All our product dashboards are optimized for iPads and we also have a mobile app called InSuite.
You can access data on our products dashboards and custom APIs. You can download all data in .xls and .xlsx formats.
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We have different subscription plans based on number of users. Our sales team can help you with that.
Yes. We can give online demos to as many teams as you need. Plus you will have online support and a comprehensive library of resources in case you get stuck later!
We release major updates every quarter along with minor enhancements monthly. We ensure that our product improvements are driven by client requests and incorporated into our releases calendar.
You can download or export data as spreadsheets in .xls and .xlsx formats. Additionally, we can also provide data extracts in .json and .xml formats on request.
We have 24/7 support desk for technical questions. Plus, you can always reach out to your account manager for any suggestions or new feature requests.
You can go to the Notifications Centre located next to your Profile on the dashboard to modify your notification settings.
Depending on the problem, we can get back to you in up to 30 minutes.
You can use our 24/7 Online Support Desk for any technical queries and troubleshooting.
You can report bugs and send feedback or suggestions from the Feedback button located on the footer of the dashboard.
If you can't access a module or a section of our products, it's most probably because they are not a part of the product package you've signed up for. You can contact our team to upgrade.
Yes, for product improvement only. We never sell the data to a third party. We analyze user activity to enhance our service. For example, if you spend on avarage 2x time on a particular module or feature vs. the average, we will reach out and see how we can optimize the feature to ensure you finish your job faster in a more efficient way.
We are doing our best to keep your data safe and secure. Please refer to our updated Privacy Policy in accordance to the latest GDPR guidelines.
Yes. Please refer to our updated Privacy Policy in accordance to the latest GDPR guidelines.
Write to us with your requirements at
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