Industries We Support

If you sell products online, we have a solution for you! Intelligence Node’s solutions are industry-agnostic and can be customized for an online business across any industry.

Industries we support
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics Consumer Electronics
Home to consumer electronics leaders like Lenovo and Hitachi, Intelligence Node’s advanced analytics and language-agnostic solutions can be customized for any brand or retailer in the electronics industry.
Fashion & Apparel
Fashion Fashion & Apparel
With global clients like GFG, Jockey, Fig Fashion, and others, Intelligence Node offers battle-tested pricing, assortment, brand compliance, and digital shelf solutions for fashion brands and retailers across the globe.
Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods Consumer Goods
In a highly competitive industry like consumer packaged goods, Intelligence Node’s real-time data refresh rates and 99% product matching accuracy levels makes it a popular choice for global CPG brands like Nestle.
Furniture & Home Decor
Furniture & Home Decor Furniture & Home Decor
Trusted by global home improvement clients like Home Centre and Westwing, Intelligence Node’s advanced eCommerce solutions and 1 billion+ unique retail database is a favorite amongst home improvement category leaders.
Beauty & Care
Beauty & Care Beauty & Care
The highly competitive beauty and wellness industry is storming the internet with legacy as well as new players entering the eCommerce space. Battle-tested by clients like Nykaa, Intelligence Node’s advanced competitive intelligence and pricing analytics offer superior Plug & play solutions.
Luxury Goods
Luxury Goods Luxury Goods
Intelligence Node’s superior, proprietary AI and real-time crawling capabilities helps luxury brands like Prada and LVMH digitally transform their businesses and make informed pricing decisions across geographies.
Supermarkets Supermarkets
Intelligence Node’s expertise in supermarkets is second to few with global retail giants and the world’s largest retailer as its clients. With presence in 6 continents and catering to over a 100 languages, Intelligence Node’s experience in the Supermarkets category makes it stand out from the rest
e-Pharmacies e-Pharmacies
An up and coming segment, e-pharmacies are fast catching on to the eCommerce phenomenon. With clients like Netmeds and Wellness Forever, Intelligence Node’s diverse customer base and experience gives it the required edge to cater to this segment.
Toys & Gifting
Toys & Gifting Toys & Gifting
Toys, hobbies, and gifting is another category that has seen heavy online adoption, especially during and post COVID-19. Intelligence Node’s global, language and industry agnostic solutions are trusted by category leaders like Mattel and can be implemented within days, rather than weeks or months.
All Other Industries
All Other Industries All Other Industries
Apart from the above mentioned industries, Intelligence Node’s bespoke solutions can cater to any and every retail category with online presence - from pet supplies and stationery to wine and spirits and more.

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