Get Your Trend spotting On

Spot emerging retail trends before your competitors do to adapt your offerings and realize the highest return. Why do retail trends matter more than ever? In today's retail market, younger shoppers in particular are less loyal and more tech-savvy than previous generations.

Retailers' Challenge: Changing consumer behavior / landscape

  • Year 2020: 3/4th of the world's population will be milennial or younger Product Selection Criteria
  • 87% Compare Item Selling Price
  • 89% Would compare across channels / retailers before buying

Rather than guessing what consumers want - and risking inaccuracy and waste - use big data insights on retail trends to know whatshoppers browse and buyso you can keep up with their needs. The retail marketplace is also crowded, making it hard to stay ahead oflucrative trends in this ultra-competitive arena.



We got you covered

Unlike other big data providers, we offer analytics on trending products, which gives you an advantage by knowing what's hot so you can plan ahead. Access real-time big data analytics on trends from the market, product catalogs and social media to know what's in demand.

With our Trending Module, you will feel certain, confident and clear about what shoppers want. Informative big data insights show you emerging retail trends and patterns so you adjust to consumer preferences. Monitoring fast-selling products, including competitors' brands helps you identify what to add to your catalog.

Since online shopping appeals to local and global markets alike, use our Trending Module to search for similar products and track trends across geographies in various languages. Boost your efficiency with accurate, up-to-date product data for you to share with partners across your entire supply chain to collaborate with greater effectiveness and agility - wherever your customers live.

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