Tech Tide™:
AI And Analytics For Retail

About the Report
The future of retail and the ability to cater to and retain customers is going to rely largely on how well retailers merge artificial intelligence and analytics into their business processes. To accelerate their digital growth, retailers are evaluating and adopting multiple AI technologies across departments.

This Forrester Tech Tide™ report reviews and analyzes the maturity and business value of the most commonly implemented technology categories that support AI and analytics for the retail sector. Digital business professionals in retail should read this report to navigate their firm’s investment approach to these technologies. Pricing Optimization is one of the 19 key technologies included in this report.
About Pricing Optimization Vendor
Intelligence Node
Pricing has always played a key role in retail. And as stakes grow higher and online competition grows tougher, pricing decisions need to be made faster and with more accuracy.

As a leader in price optimization solutions, Forrester included Intelligence Node in its Pricing Optimization technology category featuring vendors incorporating AI and analytics in their retail solutions. Intelligence Node’s pricing optimization analytics powered by patented, AI-driven algorithms, are comprehensive, offer 99% accuracy rate, and 10-second data refresh rates, making them one of the trusted eCommerce pricing optimization and dynamic pricing solutions for global brands and retailers.

Forrester identifies Price Optimization as both high in maturity and high in business value, making it a commonly sought after solution amongst digital-first brands & retailers. Forrester also recommends investing in and maintaining retail AI and analytics technologies with high business value.
Key Takeaways
  • AI & analytics are the key pillars in future-proofing retail businesses.
  • Forrester Tech identifies and analyzes the most important 19 technology categories that support AI and analytics for retail and affect all players in the retail ecosystem.
  • Price Optimization is one of the 19 must-have retail analytics solutions as identified by Forrester and has been identified as both high in maturity and business value. Making it a top contender for investing in and maintaining this solution.
  • Forrester Research includes Intelligence Node under its Price Optimization category as a vendor providing advanced analytics and AI driven solutions in this retail segment.
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