Compliance solution for brands to monitor and enforce Minimum Advertised Price across resellers.

Protect Your Brand (and Profitability)

Brands and manufacturers with vast reseller networks find it complex and time-consuming to monitor and enforce minimum advertised price (MAP) pricing policies. Resellers violating MAP pricing policies with deep discounts can harm your brand reputation, sales and profitability.

Fast, cost-effective MAP monitoring

Prevent excessive discounting among resellers & contribute to MAP enforcement with our industry-leading MAP Monitoring solution - including real-time updates


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Ensure fairness: Monitor resellers' compliance with MAP pricing when they sell your products online to protect your brand image.

Monitor compliance: Gain market oversight with easy, accurate MAP monitoring. For efficient MAP monitoring, our automated, centralized system ensures resellers price your products properly.

Access timely alerts: Receive triggered alerts to promptly pinpoint which resellers violate your MAP pricing policies. View data on promotional activity, relative competitive position and recommended action on smart price and stock movement. The entire database refreshes every day.

Enforce MAP Monitoring with customized reporting: Show resellers clear, customized reports that prove their MAP pricing violations.

Efficient price monitoring: Search for similar items faster with our advanced identical and similar matching for MAP pricing. Our search capability and efficiency has evolved from 10 searches per second with a 6-machine cluster to 300 per second - on a single machine!

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