Agile pricing on auto-pilot to boost your margins.

Response time for price change

Fast pricing agility also matters to shoppers.

  • Amazon: 2 minutes
  • US Online market average: 43,000 minutes
  • US Offline market average: 270 days

Keep up with consumers' expectations and stay ahead of your retail rivals. Our dynamic pricing solution gives you the flexibility you need to adjust your pricing promptly and with ease to respond to market demand.


Accurately forecast trends with simulated scenarios to drive higher conversions, and reach your goals for volume, revenue and margin with dynamic pricing data. Dynamic pricing data can answer your retail business questions, such as:


Dynamic pricing can also help you delight customers and achieve sustainable business benefits.


The Profitable Power of Now

The retail market is rapidly evolving in real time as Internet access influences what consumers buy in stores and online. To adapt to evolving consumer expectations, more retail companies are adopting a dynamic pricing strategy. Dynamic pricing is real-time pricing.


It's hard to keep up with consumers' Omni channel pricing expectations plus competitors' product pricing strategies. And yet pricing is an essential element consumers consider before buying.

Boost your agility and revenue

Outperform your rivals by monitoring product pricing and promotions across hundreds of retailers in real time to make dynamic pricing adjustments that turn consumers from browsers into buyers.
React to market changes with minimal human intervention for a faster, more seamless pricing strategy.

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