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Improve bottom lines and boost full-price sell throughs. Our end-to-end price optimization solution not only equips your Pricing team with data-backed, AI-powered dynamic pricing but also gives a bird’s eye view of the competition’s pricing and promotion movements to plan long-term revenue growth strategies, without breaking a sweat!

Pricing Team

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Stop Bleeding Margins.
Embrace Pricing with AI.

Price optimization that helps you determine how shoppers will respond to different product pricing levels, can maximize sales and profitability. Packaged in an intuitive user interface, our price optimization platform can help you make timely markdowns to beat your competitors' deals - or mark up the prices to take advantage when your rivals have out-of-stock inventory, maximizing your margins.

Pricing Analysts

  • Pull competitive pricing insights with just a click.
  • Access historical pricing and promotional data for your market or category.
  • Run price simulation based on varying business goals.
  • Estimate smart pricing bundles and optimal discount brackets.
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Pricing Manager

  • Demonstrate product-level profitability with the right data.
  • Maximize sales targets and margin growth.
  • Manage total pricing procedure without compromising pricing agility.
  • Collaborate with product, sales & merchandising teams on one platform to ensure integrated profit maximizing framework.
  • For more information, check our FAQs.

Track Promotions Run by Your Competitors

With Intelligence Node's AI-driven pricing & promotions platform, capture various types of promotions and offers run by your competitors and identify products/categories that have the highest affinity for them. Stay on top of competitor promotion schemes and adjust your price offerings in real-time by getting immediate notifications whenever your competitors roll out promotional offers and discounts.

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Learn how our solutions can help your team exceed profit targets and collaborate efficiently.

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Up to 15%
margin growth in 3 months
2 Seconds
to adapt prices online
revenue growth
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“ We needed a clear insight into the market, and this is where Intelligence Node helped us. With efficient analytical tools, we were able to understand how competitive we’ve priced our products. ”

Mederic Payne
Mederic Payne
CEO, Home Centre

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