Retail API with a smart, intuitive interface for your bespoke data needs.


You need the latest market data - fast. Our best-in-class high frequency crawling framework- uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify big data with an application programming interface (API). Our Retail API replicates the human environment to help decision makers see market possibilities.
For instance, you can view real-time price comparisons to match or beat your rivals' prices and stay competitive.

What you get from our API solutions:

A hassle-free scraper: Our high frequency scraping lets you access accurate, precise data with ease. Simply enter the host, category or brand and get a complete list of corresponding URLs. It's that simple (and cost effective).

Price history: Know the price changes and variance for a specific item. Simply enter the product URL to get the item's complete price history within the past month.

Descriptive analytics: Gain deeper insights into your competitive landscape. Enter a host, category or product attribute and get overall aggregated statistics, such as the number of products, pricing and discounts.

Easy product data-sharing: For consistency and standardization, our API database accepts most product identifiers, such as Universal Product Codes (UPCs), global trade item numbers (GTINs) and barcodes. Intelligence Node's Retail API returns normalized categories mapped according to our proprietary data clustering and normalization approach.

Cost-effective insights: We do everything for you - at half the cost. You tell us the retail companies and categories to monitor; we scrape the market data for you. You don't need to spend on a full, in-house data team to ensure data accuracy and track your competitors.

Customized reports published just for you and your unique business needs.

With the world's most comprehensive retail crawling
framework, we're like 'Google' for retail product searches.


Compete better with your artificial intelligence and big data analytics in retail. Our Deep Learning framework for online retail supports sound, strategic decisions for your unique needs so you deliver an even better shopping experience, and boost repeat purchases, customer loyalty, customer referrals and revenue. We feed data to clients (aggregators) to empower them to do their own analytics.

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