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To rapidly match and process product information across global markets in real time, we use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. We crawl online shopping portals from the biggest e-commerce giants like Amazon to individual brand-owned sites like


Similar match: Our web crawler's got your back. We crawl e-commerce websites around the world to help you find products that are close matches. For instance, the image above shows a similar match for "Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair."


Identical match: Find your twin. Our sophisticated crawler scans the entire global e-commerce market to deliver all the identical products that match the item you're looking for. As the image above shows, all these e-commerce sites sell Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair.

Attribute enrichment: Find the product you want. Get instant access to the worlds largest GTIN, UPC and EAN product database. With our UPC API, you can easily search for any product using unique identifiers and receive clean, structured and normalized product metadata. The results include product images and offer prices across multiple online retailers, which provide an unmatched market benchmarking view with 95% + accuracy levels.

Better position your product among similar ones and end increase likelihood of checkouts.

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